if it isn't too late for a proper intro

Hello there everyone. I am here again with another post in which I am not gonna share any information but instead I am gonna introduce myself properly. When I first joined YOORS almost four days ago I did ot knew much about how to start so i didnt introduced my self. Starting with my name I am Huma Saeed from PAKISTAN and I am 15 years old (soon going to be 16) . It is my passion to write and since my parents supported me a lot to bring my passion to a public plate form I found YOORS and now I am here with a lot of support and lovely people around me spreading loads of love. All i want to say at the end that yoors is a very supportive and great website for young people like me to head start their passion exposing to the world. Thank you yoors and all the lovely people around me for making me feel so confident.