Gary B Flom is a renowned name in the automotive and transportation industry. He has come a long way starting as a U.S Marine to making his passion a profession.  Gary has been in the leading designations in some of the top automotive firms in the world. His journey is an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs and automotive enthusiasts who want to make it big in the industry.

In the long and illustrious career of Gary B Flom, there have been many moments of success and accomplishments. In this blog, we will look into all such achievements in Gary’s professional and philanthropic career.

Professional Achievements:

The professional career of Gary B Flom in the mobility industry has spanned over 20 years. During this time, he has worked with many leading automotive firms like Ford and contributed to the revenue with innovative and visionary leadership. He has achieved many milestones in his professional career and let us look at some of the prominent ones.

•    227% Increase in Profits at Manhattan Ford Lincoln-Mercury:

Gary B Flom joined the Manhattan Ford Lincoln-Mercury at the end of 1998. With his innovative thinking and visionary approach, he overhauled the company practices resulting in a remarkable increase in sales revenue. Till 2008, the sales revenue increased by 227% which is a monumental achievement in the sales sector of the firm.

•    Helped Commercial Fleets Convert To Electric Vehicles:

Gary is amongst the flagbearers of the green fleet movement in U.S. At Ford Motor Company, he was the distributor of their first experimental electric vehicles across the country. He put the government fleets to test the early adaptation and contributed to the green revolution in United States’ mobility market. He generated specialized funding for electric vehicles during his stay at Ford and also endorsed the need for green fleets in public forums.

•    Got Numerous Accolades During His Career:

Gary Flom has received the most prestigious ‘’President’s Award’’ twice and ‘’Ford’s 100 Leaders Award’’ four times during his stay in the company. He was nominated for the “Making a Difference Award” and “Salute to Dealers Award” due to his remarkable efforts in the firm. Gary was selected to serve on the National Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council and Advisory Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Opera.

Philanthropic Achievements:

Apart from his professional career, Gary B Flom also has done a lot of philanthropic work. He believes in giving back to the society and has proved it through his actions. Let us look at some of his notable philanthropic achievements.

•    Associated With Many Charitable Organizations:

Gary B Flom is connected to many charities in the United States including God’s Love We Deliver, City Harvest, Camp Brooklyn, etc. He also has worked with Partnership for the Homeless to provide food and shelter to homeless people. Gary has been a generous donor to all these charities to enable a better life for poor and needy people.

•    Advocated The Need For Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Fleets:

Throughout his career, Gary has been an avid supporter of sustainable technologies that help protect the environment. He has endorsed the importance of electric vehicles in the commercial fleet through his talks. Gary has conducted many workshops to create awareness about the need for sustainable fleets.

Gary Flom had an impressive career both professionally and philanthropically. His achievements in both areas have been exceptional and deserve lauding. He has left a path that anyone could follow to achieve success in all aspects of life.

Accomplishments of Gary B Flom in his Professional and Philanthropic Career