#eetbarebloemen  Acmella Oleracea commonly known as "Electric Daisy." Now this little flower bring a shock to your mouth when you chew it. I have heard it being called the "flower of youth" as it has some fantastic cosmetic properties. The first time I chewed one of these was when an abscess developed in mouth due to a tooth and my face was swollen. At the time too far from any medical facility with a work deadline to meet, I was offered some to help with the pain from an old farmers lady. within three days the abscess was gone! I convinced her to give me a plant and since they have been one plant I grow without fail. Properties I have found in this wonderful plant are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and in cases a great pain reliever.
Since I have been consuming this plant I have not yet had colds or flu and feel that this plant holds key to the cure for Covid, but that is only my opinion. On the farm where I live, I have had 100's of farm workers coming to me for flowers when they feel ill, I have other medicinal plants that I grow to help them, but the Electric Daisies have by far been the plant that has the greatest use and effect. If there is a single flower that I suggest you grow in the summer it is this one. I pick an freeze flowers during the growing season for use in the winter. Have fun exploring this flower.

Acmella Oleracea