Affiliate Marketing Strategies -Find a Hot Niche & Select a Winning Product

Confused about what to sell as an ambassador? Are you worried about your affiliate marketing strategies failing? Top affiliate companies sell what people have already bought. Here's how to put one together for use with your brand.

Choosing a Hot Niche

Go to ClickBank and select one of the nine categories. Anything that affects your ability works well as you will get gold in all of them. Leave the keyword field blank and browse for products using Sort by: Thunder. This will determine which niches and products sell best.

1) Check the level of interest.

Look for the last item in the line under each product listed - grav. The large number behind the grav indicates that the niche has the right customers. If you have selected the computing and internet component in ClickBank, you may see a high-quality subscription filter and a high number of grav.

Check this out with the Google KeywordToolExternal tool where you search for a common niche. Search for registrars in the keyword tool. The 5000 monthly search volume is good, a lot is good. You still look good, don't you?

2) Competitive level of testing.

First, look at at least three competing products on ClickBank. There are more than three registration cleaners.

Second, with your browser do a Google search for "registry cleaner" and see how many Google ads appear on the right. Five or six ads show that partners are making money from their ads. When I look at it there were eight ads. You are ready to find out which product to choose.

Choosing a Winning Product

1) Check out ClickBank's healthy statistics. See the line of numbers/numbers in your previous ClickBank search results? Here's what those signs mean for you.

  • $ / sale - the average amount earned by each company for each auction, the amount that can be reduced by refunds and payments. If the number is less than the next number (we will get to that in a minute), it is a sign that customers want a refund. Not so good.
  • $ / Sale - Go get a minimum of $ 20 to benefit from your corporate marketing efforts.
    % / sale - the percentage of the percentage of each company earned per sale. You want at least 50%.
  • % refrd - the portion of the product owner sales value mentioned by the holding companies. You want to see 70-90% as that suggests that many executives make open commissions on this product.
  • grav: numbers - the average number of companies owned by at least one in the last 30 days. Look for a 50-100 product that shows that the companies it works with sell it, but not too much, so there is room for you at the table.

    When you find a product that has all the right numbers and will do it, proceed to step two. ErrorFix and RegDefense numbers look great.

    2) See the professional sales page.

    A good sales page is essential to your success. Visit the sales page, read it, and see if it encourages you to buy. Some good products have dirty sales pages that block customers. Skip the bad sales page. If you like the sales page, proceed to step three. Fortunately, most are fine. The ErrorFix and RegDefense sales pages look great.

    3) Look for compatible marketing tools.

    Go to the product website and look at the category we work with. You do not want to rely entirely on your devices and you have to create enticing entities. Many more intelligent product owners offer you a variety of tools such as PPC keywords, ad copy, email ad copy, banners, and support. Both ErrorFix and RegDefense offer many tools - everything except sample articles.

    So these two products are successful in all tests. With these innovative affiliate marketing techniques on how to find a hot niche and choose a successful product that people have already bought, you can finally succeed as an organization.

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