After rain (bow) comes sunshine! Crafts with popsicle sticks

The gloomy days without cheerful sunshine are over! If the sun disappears behind the clouds, we're making a shining sun, right? With colored popsicle sticks, paper and marker you can make this funny sun and sweet clouds with rainbow rays..

Draw with a black marker a cloud 13cm high and 19cm wide on solid white paper. Cut out. On the back, stick the sticks with adhesive tape cascading. Children can do that very well! Or first lay down the sticks cascading, then glue the steps at the top with 1 stick across (see photo). And only then stick to the back of the cloud. Draw nose and mouth and paste wiggle eyes.

Draw a round of about 9cm from solid white paper with black marker, or use a jar to pull the round. Put them in a round on the back and glue them. With adhesive tape could also, you can't see the back. Stick eyelets and draw nose and mouth.

If they hang in front of the window, also glue the backside with the round/cloud.

03/04/19 Photo submitted, taken by the children at Gastparent shelter Mama D

The sticks are for sale at the hobby shop but also at many other shops. These were purchased at Kruidvat/Prijsmepper. But I've also seen them at Action and maybe Xenos and Sailor. If the ice sticks are not available in colored color, colour them yourself with permanent marker or paint.

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