It should stop with that Royal Family after Willem Alexander. That's what Alexander Pechtold thinks. Han and John discuss two things: how royal houses in Europe are coming to an end and how the Oranjehuis always managed to restore its reputation when it was in danger of becoming too bumpy. We see that happening again now. #royalfamily #king #monarchie #orangehouse

The price of a civilian king
Willem-Alexander monarchy leads a double life. In addition to being a member of the jet set, he wants to “be everyone else”. That is risky. His ego marketing can turn into populism. Ten years after the inauguration, the contours of their monarchy are evident. A civil kingship that cultivates its own personality, not by birth, and that is not a calling but a job. Never before in history did 'the citizen' set the tone as during this reign. The last remnants of stand society and colonization were already cleaned up and a new home was built, where noble seniority made way for the enchantment of a recognizable family, says Daniela Hooghiemstra.

After Willem Alexander, the royal family quits