Do you know the feeling? Your holiday is coming to an end and the working week is on the doorstep again. A sense of sadness, confusion and emptiness alternate. Sadness? What makes me feel grief after such a wonderful holiday? At work, it goes “normal.” The place where I am currently in work is not my dream place/job, but there are certainly beautiful things ahead that give me energy. In fact, at the moment there is an (internal) application and I am on to the next round. Something that makes me so happy and very proud of. Then why those nasty feelings after a holiday?

This time, the feelings seem even stronger than usual. Is it because we looked up the sun in the autumn/winter and it's such a dog weather here? Is it because we booked our holiday last minute and got on some kind of express train? Is it because of the gloomy coronatijd in which we are sitting and after the holiday we get a slap that brings us back to life, back to reality?

The fact that I feel these feelings almost makes me doubt myself. Fortunately, we google and google is (often) my best friend. So I came across articles that a dip after your holiday is not at all so strange and that even a large percentage of people experience this feeling after a holiday. The dip seems to be worst on Sunday (or another last day) before the working week starts again.

Fortunately, I am quite positive and I can bend my mind. So I am so grateful that despite this bad bad time we have (read: YEAR! ) have made a few plans a reality. This holiday was already on the schedule, but we never booked/planned it in connection with the corona. So we are quite unexpected still a week away. A roller coaster of regulated uncertainty that we got on before we could leave, but definitely worth it. I also have new adventures that I would like to share and write about.

Now acclimatize again and face the contemporary rut (with full courage).

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