Against the Water Cold - Wen Ryan _txt novel paradise

"What is it?" Liu Dufeng way, "officialdom, by your own to solve, that is twice the effort, and easy to futile." It is much easier to handle this matter by returning it to officialdom. Mr. Zhuge knows more about advance and retreat than I do, as long as He knew the reason for this, and he was always resourceful, and there must be a solution. "Shaoshang," said Lei Juan, "what Liu Zhushen said about this matter is true. You don't have to refuse in many places. "This kind of deceives the monarch to go against the Lord's matter, I originally also inconvenient to say," Liu Dufeng way, "but, they do, really is. Very big, the Jin people invaded, the Liao army forced the border, they blindly abandoned the alliance to negotiate peace, live in peace, hold the outmoded, but only to the internal poison The people oppress the good. At that time, there was a God who told my fortune, saying that I would inevitably lose my life in the future, and that I would not be a minister. Loyalty, I was doing my duty and serving my country. How could I believe his nonsense? Now, it seems, it's on my deathbed. It's been tested. When Lei Juan saw that Liu Dufeng's face was already dead, he said, "We'd better meet Brother Ruthless first and then go into details." Let's discuss it. One side secretly urged the internal force, poured into the True Qi, and tried to protect Liu Dufeng's weak breath. If I can make it to Shiping, do I have to make it clear here? Because I have spelled out all my life's skills, I can breathe inside. Fork,disc air diffuser, possessed by the devil, and the poison of the new wound can just be restrained; the poison of the day wound can be talked about until now, the oil has been exhausted. So what if you die? It's just a dream! You don't have to grieve for me. If you live for a few more decades, you will inevitably die. The six men around me, who were as close as brothers, were all wiped out, and I should go to meet them. They came together and they should go together. Yes. Liu Dufeng sighed, "If you are like these people whose bodies are not rotten, but whose minds are enslaved by others, and who are incurable, Gou!" Delay not to die, this is the first tragedy in the world. At this point, his internal organs seemed to be pounded by hundreds of knives at the same time, so painful that he could not say a word. Qi Shaoshang hurriedly also added a True Qi, from Liu Dufeng "Zhi Shi point" into the input, Liu Dufeng strange eyes a roll, voice thick. Turbid, fine bubble diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, knowing that he was in great pain even when he spoke: "Draw a knife!" Qi Shaoshang was stunned and did not know what he meant. Liu Dufeng wanted to use his hand to pull out the knife that Zhang Wu had slapped into his chest, but he couldn't even lift his hand. He shouted again, "For!" I Draw a knife! Qi Shaoshang knew that Liu Dufeng was going to die quickly, but he could not bear to see Liu Dufeng die under his own hands. "This will be very painful for him," Lei said with a cold face. Qi Shaoshang's hand touched the hilt of the knife. He didn't pull it out. "Maybe it can be saved," he said, hoping against hope. Lei Juan suddenly got up. He pushed Qi Shaoshang away with one hand. Pull out the knife in Liu Dufeng's chest with one hand. Blood spattered, Liu Dufeng cried out and died on the spot. Lei Juan's face was expressionless, and he stuck to the knife. Every time he approached a "medicine man" who had fallen to the ground, he stabbed him with a knife. "Why kill them?" Asked Qi Shaoshang. The thunder rolled down the knife and kept saying, "Wouldn't it be even worse to let them become lonely souls without owners and return to their souls without skills?" Qi Shaoshang understood the meaning of Lei Juan and saw that Zhang Wu had turned into a pool of corpse water, so he went to pick up the "Yin and Yang three talents". Or It was before this that Liu Dufeng had taught him to pay attention to the three talents, and he had carefully examined the various mechanisms on the weapon, and tonight he might not be able to put Jiuyou. When the old demon was killed, it was so dangerous that I still had a lingering fear. Remembering that Liu Dufeng could be said to have traveled thousands of miles for himself and lost his life, It's even more sad. Lei Juan carried Liu Dufeng's body on his back and said to Qi Shaoshang, "Come on, there are still a lot of things waiting for us to do." Qi Shaoshang and Lei Juan explained the beginning of the matter to Ruthless in the car. Ruthless was very sad about Liu Dufeng's death. Said: "If I do not come, nine you old demon may not be able to capture God, but I am tired." "" No, "said Qi Shaoshang with tears in his eyes," Master Liu left the capital for my sake. I worked him to death. Lei Juan returned the jade pendant to Ruthless and said, "Don't blame yourself. Liu Zhushen is dead. Before he dies, Suggestions, I do not know whether to do? Can you do it? Ruthless frowned and did not speak.
The carriage was speeding, and this time it was driven by Tang Wanci and Yinjian. The two horses that had pulled the cart were shot dead by Bubble's hidden weapon, Tang Wan. The word replaces her with the steed that Lei Juan rides. "It doesn't matter if you can't do it," said Qi Shaoshang to Lei Juan. Anyway, having fled these days, it is not necessarily impossible to escape. The thunder roll stares at heartless, cold and heavy tunnel: "If you can't help this favor, also want to say a word." "That's a good idea," he said mercilessly. Qi Shaoshang and Lei Juan's faces were full of joy. Ruthless way: "I just think, this once and for all, with evil to fight evil, it is better to push the boat along, even with the elimination of the fight, borrow." Knife kills! Neither Qi Shaoshang nor Lei Juan understood. Ruthless smile, way: "The secret is in the hand, you can make a condition.". You want them to stop chasing you, that's the minimum. However, you can also offer other terms in exchange for not being a fugitive and making up for what you have suffered these days. Taiwan. Qi Shaoshang understood a little and said, "We're doing this, but who will convey it?" Ruthless way: "I." "You?" The thunder rolled. "I'm still in charge of General Yanfu's mansion," he said mercilessly. "I'm with you. The old demon Jiuyou has been removed. I'm here. This'quanluan jade pendant ', they did not dare to mess up for a while, I asked the general's trusted followers together with the silver sword, flying back to the imperial city, face to face. "Mr. Zhuge, the matter will be decided in eleven or twelve days or twenty days." "But will that inconvenience you?" Asked Qi Shaoshang. Ruthless way: "As long as you do it skillfully, you can turn the tables.". You make the offer, and I pretend to put it down for the emperor. People who make scandals known to the public will report the news to the emperor. They are not in the same way as you. They should not be guilty. Besides, the emperor also needs to send someone to follow you They discussed the way to solve the matter,wall penstocks, so there was no difficulty. "That's very good," exclaimed Qi Shaoshang. "But I don't know what conditions to attach," said Lei Juan. "Have I betrayed the emperor and the country?" He asked with a heartless smile. 。