Today we give another workshop “turning 180 degrees” and discovery/learn how this participant can make different choices in a special and cool way. (in a very nice way)

At 11:00am again “a special conversation” and “inspiration” to see, “how ordinary, accessible, simple” something can and can be experienced and applied.

We are going to make it another fantastic workshop.

Workshops aimed at working on another “mindset”:

✔ work on your own self and trust
✔ another look
✔ to-do list creation (DO)
✔ special insights (mirroring with role-playing games)
✔ make blind spot visible
✔ make steps again by giving the right trust

After a long journey of 136 km, this participant from Belgium arrived in Nijmegen.

I picked out an appropriate inspiration picture for this participant:

Share = care

Like = agree/interesting

Greetings, Mich Peters

Ps. if you are curious about the workshops I give, please send me a personal message. #letsconnect #vertrouwen #mindset #workshop #inspireren