Today a tough assignment:

a workshop “color and get fun again”. I teach this participant in a special and cool way to get insights to discover that positive feeling again. (in an airy and accessible way)

At 11:00am again “a special conversation” and “inspiration” to see, “how ordinary, accessible, simple” something can and can be experienced and applied is.

We are going to turn it into a fantastic “180 degree rotation” workshop. (safe taking into account the 1,5 mtr)

Workshops aimed at more accessible to the attitude, understanding of intentions by working on:

✔ from burnout to meaningful insights
✔ get fun again
✔ act on new insights
✔ to do list (DO)
✔ other motivation
✔ (new) focus
✔ more relaxation in acceptance

I have selected a suitable inspiration picture for this participant:

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Do you think you're gonna perceive differently?

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Greetings, Michael

Ps. if you are curious about the workshops/consults I give, please send me a personal message.

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Agree with the text of the quote?