Time Keepers

There will be those to confuse you when it comes to time.

Those that will tell you time does not excist, time has no meaning.

What they realy mean when they say this is that you dont excist,

That you have no meaning, when in reality, time is that wich is given to you , it is a gift, it is you, your power.

It is that wich is ALL that matters here.

There is no experience in this lifeform without time.

Time is your attention and your time is the reason why they go through such great efforts to consume your time, to distract you into giving your time/attention away to them, because time is not granted to them, you give it away for it is gifted to you.

It is that wich allowes you to experience ALL there is to experience here, the reason you are here, to experience you.

That´s why they try to rule that wich you choose to experience by implementing laws that govern you/ time/attention.

They have no form, (form means to create), no power to create, they can only take your form, your creation, because it is YOU , ALL of it is YOU , and by PAYING THEM ATTENTION , YOU give away YOUR gift, your time ,your attention, your form ,your creation.

Know this and feel this YOU MATTER , YOU EXCIST, YOU HAVE MEANING, YOU are ALL there IS to KNOW.

Stop giving it away , YOUR GIFT, YOUR TIME now CREATE and BE = grow