AFC Ajax
More than 100 years ago,

Ajax has entered the field.

18 March, in the year 1900 the club was born.
To date, they know how to stand their hands.

They belong to the three traditional TOP CLUBS in the Netherlands.
And the Amsterdam Arena is their homely building.

For 15 guilders a half year, a pasture was rented,
But nowadays Ajax is controlled by three heads.

They also have a real scoop.
They're the first and only football club to go through the fair's door.

Frank de Boer puts his best foot forward.
The players give, more than good hearing.

It's just a fact, no one can get around that.
A club like Ajax... there's no one!

Look, ever since the founding of the division to honor, played the club until less no more.

Continuous, playing to win at the highest level, and champion of the Netherlands as a gift.

Of the last twenty centuries, they really belong to the top ten.
The whole of Europe gives them a well-deserved reputation.

With this poem I will certainly not make friends either,
But my goal is to “hit” Leon.

He's just a really big fan, and I'm a little bit of his.
Leon is just a great man, standards and values I see in him.
Always kindly greetings, in a world so stiff.
Always working hard, always in the weather.
He deserves, like his own beautiful club, a very thick feather!
Keep going Leon from Hooydonk, go as you do,
then you go like Ajax... just like Ajax: “JUST GOOD!”

by: a Voice of Thoughts
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