Albert Einstein - Enetype 5

#Enneagram The enneatype 5 of personality stands out for having an eagerness to understand, analyze and accumulate any kind of knowledge it can acquire throughout its life.

He can become very jealous as far as his intimacy is concerned, he also prefers to see how other people work when he does not participate and tend to be self-sufficient and independent of himself.

First of all we find greed as one of the main characteristics of enneatype 5. People who own it usually love to receive any kind of knowledge.

However, when it comes to giving something in return they reject it and do not feel any kind of emotion about it.

On the other hand, they tend to disconnect from the outside world and focus only on the close things around him.

Triad to which it belongs: Rational or Mental

Message they learn during their childhood: People with enneatype 5 personality, unconsciously during their childhood learned from their parents that it is not good to adapt to the world in which we live, as this could end up seriously hurting you.

That is, they can be very suspicious of others either because they were taught since childhood or because of past experiences that unfortunately led him to think this way.