All About Chewing Gum Z

All About Chewing Gum

Memories of chewing gum

Chewing gum is something we love and have memories of it.This candy has been around for thousands of years, and on average we chew away about 300 grams per person per year. In America came chewing gum factories, including the brand Wrigley. This factory exists already 80 years. About 80 years ago Wrigley advertised their chewing gum, which made the Netherlands familiar with it. I remember I used to buy the Wrigley's packs at the supermarket. The chewing gum that came in strips. You rolled it in on your tongue. You had the white packet, Wrigley's Spearmint, the green packet Wrigly's Doublemint and my favourite packet, which was yellow, Wrigly's Juicy Fruit. Wrigley also had PK chewing gum, which I bought as well. Those were the orange packets with the rectangular blocks. In my opinion, the taste quickly went away. I preferred the other variants.

Every now and then I still buy the Wrigley's Juicy Fruit. That reminds me of my childhood. In my childhood, l also bought gum balls from one of those gum ball machines on the wall or there was a gum ball hidden in your ice cream. They were those cone-shaped ice-cream cups and at the bottom was the gum ball. You ate the ice cream as quickly as possible, because you wanted the gum ball as quickly as possible. The disadvantage was that it was rock hard when you chewed it and it lost its flavour very quickly. You also had tubes of chewing gum, pink in colour, or those little boxes with all kinds of small coloured squares of mini chewing gum. Or Donald Duck chewing gum with a comic strip on the inside as a surprise.

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Types of chewing gum and varities

We know two types of chewing gum.

  • Chewing gum, chewing gum in strips and jars, among other things.
  • Bubble gum, the so called bubble gum or blowing gum.

The difference between these two is that with Chewing gum you cannot blow bubbles, but only chew them, and with Bubble Gum you can chew and blow huge bubbles.

Chewing gum comes in various forms, such as

  • chewing-gum balls.....think of the famous chewing-gum machine of old where you could pull one out for a few cents.
  • chewing gum in a tube
  • chewing-gum in strips
  • chewing-gum in jars
  • chewing-gum rolled up in a box
  • chewing-gum in lollipops
  • chewing gum in ice creams
  • chewing gum in various items, such as tennis balls or spaghetti chewing gum


Advantages and disadvantages of chewing gum

Benefits chewing gum

There are a number of benefits to chewing gum, namely:

  • It helps against earache. By chewing gum the Eustachian tube opens up and chewing gum contains the ingredient xylitol, which decreases the chance of an ear infection. Xylitol also prevents tooth decay.

  • Chewing gum makes you smarter. It helps to be able to concentrate and the learning performance of students is higher by chewing gum.

  • Chewing gum is a support if you want to stop smoking. By chewing gum you desire less for nicotine.

  • Chewing gum helps you to lose weight. By chewing gum you'll be less likely to snack on something else. Chewing gum takes away your first craving, so you can leave off that bag of chips.

  • Chewing gum helps with stress moments. If you suffer from stress , you produce the stress hormone cortisone. By chewing gum the cortisone decreases.

  • Chewing gum helps the digestion. Because you chew gum you make more saliva, which is good for the further processing of our food intake.

  • You get less thirts of chewing gum. Because you produce more saliva by chewing gum, you have less trouble with a dry mouth.

Disadvantages chewing gum

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to chewing gum and chewing it, such as:

  • Eating too much gum creates a laxative effect on the intestines, which can cause you to have thin stools. The sweeteners in the chewing gum cause this thin stool. So limit your intake to the amount of gum for daily use recommended on the packet.
  • People who are hypersensitive to lactose should be careful when using gum. Chewing gum can contain lactose which can cause abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating and diarrhoea.
  • Chewing gum makes you fart more. Because we chew, we inhale more air and have to get rid of our air in the form of farts. Also the substance sorbitol in chewing gum causes flatulence.
  • Sometimes we, especially children, accidentally swallow the gum. Once is not a problem, but especially with children you have to be careful that it doesn't happen too often, because of the blockage in the intestines which can occur.
  • Smacking gum sounds. You've probably heard of it..... Someone standing next to you making smacking motions or clacking noises with the gum.
  • The large amounts of chewing gum that do not end up in the rubbish bin, but to the annoyance of many in the street. Anyone who is familiar with the term "spum" knows that it refers to a chewed-out piece of gum which is then stuck to the street for years. Spum is a mixed word from "spit" and "gum".
    In 2004, columnist S. Montag wrote a column entitled "The gum issue".
    In it, he investigated how much chewing gum there is on the streets. He talked to cleaning staff at a train station who were removing large amounts of chewing gum and came to the conclusion in 2005 that in The Netherlands 1.5 million kilos of gum ends up on the street every year. A frightening amount! 


The most annoying thing about chewing gum

Chewing gum under your shoe

I think that is when you get chewing gum under your shoe, in your hair, in your clothes or on your carpet!

Just yesterday when our son was at school, he had apparently stepped in chewing gum. The irritating sticking under the sole of his shoe while walking was a nuisance. At the concierge's they had a cool spray. The sole of the shoe was sprayed with the spray and after an hour the chewing gum could be removed. But, alas, that did not work. I started looking for ways to remove it and with the following tools you can easily remove chewing gum.

How do I remove gum from under my shoe ?

  • Do you have a freezer ? That's fine! And a plastic bag too? Nice! If you also have ice cubes, even better! This is how you proceed.
  • Put the shoe in a plastic bag with some ice cubes that you put on the chewing gum spot and press firmly. Put the shoe in the freezer for 2 hours. After 2 hours remove the bag from the shoe. The chewing gum should be stuck to the plastic bag.

  • What also works well is oliveoil !
Olive oil is very greasy and if you put it on the spot and let it soak in, you can remove most of the gum with kitchen roll. You can scrape off any leftovers with the blunt side of a knife, for example. Watch out for olive oil. It can stain the fabric of the shoe.

  • Peanut butter yummy! And also effective against chewing gum residue!
So spread a thick layer of peanutbutter on the chewing gum spot, let it soak in for about ten minutes and brush it off. Then carefully rinse the shoe under the tap.

  • Go outside and find a branch and some sand . We are going to scrub the shoe!
This only works if you have just stepped in the gum and the gum is fresh and sticky. Sprinkle some sand on the gum spot and make rubbing and pushing movements with the twig. Not too hard or the twig will break. Scrub until the chewing gum comes off easily. Peel off the remaining scraps with the twig.


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