All animals are welcome Z

All animals are welcome

At Yoors we do not want to show awful, detailed pictures of animals in bad condition. Just want to give an insight in the daily life and show progress in health. Of course some animals do not make it. But at least they'll have had extra medical care, food and love in their last days. You think it would be difficult to come up with new photos or stories, but there is never a dull day at the rescue site. Other animals species are showing up, tranported in different ways then we're used to in Europe. Making improvements at Fluffyland, seeing a litle bit of the daily live in Egypt and of course funny animal pictures. Hope you like our stories and will follow us on Yoors.

Todays story is a nice example of a new animal species that arrives at our door:

So just before we left the land yesterday - Shawnee sheep arrived.

She had sadly lost a baby and unfortunately they hadn’t milked her afterwards.
She has very swollen infected breasts. We released the pus (and oh my goodness there was a lot!) Gave her antibiotics and a painkiller and was made a comfortable warm bed.
This morning we’ve arrived to find her feeling much more comfortable and up! She’ll stay with us until fully recovered. Although I’d love to have a Shawnee sheep in fluffyland