Whole Holland Bakes except me

The whole of Holland bakes, but I don't bake it myself!

I don't like cooking and baking, I think standing in the kitchen is a tragedy. I once made a cheesecake and monchou tartlet out of one of those ready-made suits, and that was pretty good. I also used to open a can of cherries and throw them on a ready cake floor. Whipped cream over it and also best to prunes! But that's not allowed to have the name Baking.

On TV, the baking season has started again! The TV show Heel Holland Bakt will be broadcast on NPO 1 with the public broadcaster Max. You must know it! In the program, which lasts 8 weeks, they are looking for the best home baker, with the most talent. There is of course a jury, including André van Duin, who then gives the points to the 10 candidates and at the end of the season there will be 1 winner, The Best Home Bakker of the Netherlands.


Photo: Monika1607


Photo: conger design

There are a lot of people who love this program! Only a few just don't like it. I think I'm one of them... The cakes, cakes, cookies and other bakes look great and will taste fantastic. So if it's supposed to be eaten, I'm all the way in front of the line. But the hobby Baking just does not attract me at all. Also not to watch how it is made or how it might be screwed up. Cuffs! But you can, of course! Every human being is different, and lucky!

There is a whole website of Heel Holland Bakt, and of course a Facebook page , Instagram, a App and maybe also a Twitter account. On the website you will find all recipes, everything about the candidates and the jury, the broadcasts and also all kinds of tips. You can even subscribe to the newsletter, if you are a big fan of the program!

What about you, are you a fanatical baker, do you ever make something? Or do you not fry any of it, like me?