New Year

New Chances
New Opportunities
All New.

So I thought: why not get more healthy? My bf has a bottle he fills up with water and drinks out of when he's playing games on the computer. And when I saw that, my mind went: let's get a 2 l bottle that I can drink out of during the day.

The bottle arrived today.

There are however two minor things that I misread or misunderstood regarding this particular drinking bottle:

1: The Bottle is HUGE! I did not think of that. 

2: It wasn't just one bottle it was three bottles in one!!! Each bottle is in a different size. 

After some laughter and other craziness, like how to apply the drinking straw (ended up looking up a YouTube video, to figure that one out). My daughter grabbed one bottle, I will take the smallest bottle to work and the biggest one stays at home. 

Now I have the tools to get me more hydrated. If only I could make it a habit of using it. Only time will tell.

All New