All You Need To Know Before Taking Up Lash Extensions

You dream of having those black fiery eye-lashes but unfortunately, your eye lashes are small and they hardly get any attention in public. Fortunately, there are techniques and processes to convert your dream into reality – eye lash extensions.

The lash extensions in Wollongong are semi-permanent solutions for improving the depth of your eye lashes. Once you get this treatment, you will not need to wear your mascara. But, if you apply the lash extensions incorrectly or without the guidance of an expert, it can cause infection, discomfort, and permanent lash loss. So, beware of what you are doing.

The eye lash extensions are different from the false eyelashes that attach to the lid through a single strip. The semi-permanent eye lashes are individual lashes. They are directly attached to the natural lashes, one at a time. The process can take up several hours to complete. Thus, you must seek help from an expert to get your lash extensions in Wollongong.

The eye lashes are designed to stay on your lashes during the natural growth phase, which is around six weeks to two months. During this time, you must maintain the eye lashes to ensure that the extensions look fresh and natural. The eye Lash Extensions in Wollongong are made of different materials such as synthetics, plastic fibers, faun mink, or they can be made from natural materials like silk and mink.

Irrespective of the material the eye lash is made of, the extensions must be attached to your eyelash with non-irritating, waterproof eyelash or surgical glue that is designed to withstand sweat and oil. You can choose medical-grade glues that are best. Medical glue is fume-free and made with non-irritating formula and it is suitable for most skin types.

Benefits of eye lash extensions in Wollongong

The major benefit of using lash extensions is that you won’t need mascara again. As a result, eye lash extensions become your daily time saver when it comes to putting on and taking off makeup. If you have the habit of wearing false eye lashes on a daily basis, you will save more time having these eye lashes fixed to your eye lids. Further, you can bid a bye to the fumbling glue and the fear of false eye lashes falling out prematurely.

With eye lash extension in Wollongong, you have pretty good options as well. Whenever you reach out to an expert, you will know about it well. Come to us to get a new look for yourself.