Aloe vera: care, propagation/cuttings, diseases and where to buy?

Every household should have its own Aloe vera also known as desert lily. Aloe vera, is a miracle plant with a

I will tell you all about: What is the best place, what care is needed, how can you cutting/multiply them, what is the flowering period and what diseases are characteristic of the Aloe vera.

Aloe vera: care, propagation/cuttings, diseases and where to buy?

Aloe vera or desert lily

Aloe consists of five hundred flowering succulent plants, descending from the affodil family or Asphodelaceae, and found mainly in the Arabian peninsulas.

Aloe vera as a panacea

Aloe vera is best known for its healing and healing effect. Especially in the alternative circuit, it is a panacea. Since ancient times, a broken leaf of the Aloe vera has been used in many diseases and has a nurturing effect.

The juice from the leaves of the plant can also be drunk. People who want to lose weight use the juice during their diet. However, it has never been scientifically established that Aloe vera has a healing effect, but I know from practical experience.

History of Aloe vera

Aloe vera has existed for thousands of years and is important for mankind, despite the fact that its medicinal effect has never been scientifically proven. The Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti used the Aloe vera plant as a cosmetic product. The Greeks and Romans used the plant in the war to treat the wounds of soldiers.


used for cosmetics, losing weight and natural medicines.

Origin of the name: Aloe vera

The botanical plant name of the Aloe is Aloe vera, derived from Arabic word “Alloeh” or “Bitter” This is a reference to the bitter juice contained in the leaves of the plant



“ Vera” is Latin for “Real true” distinguishes the plant from other Aloe species.

Description Aloe vera

An aloe vera plant has a short, woody trunk that both underground and The leaves can grow up to 40/50 cm long and run out into a point. On the outside they have short triangular spines, which do not hurt to touch. The aloe vera flowering period is from January to

December, all year round. With a little luck it also manages to get the Aloe vera in flowers, the flowers are yellow or red and each have six stamens. After flowering, the seed boxes of the Aloe vera appear and you can easily multiply them by sowing them.

Is an aloe vera plant poisonous?


Aloe vera is toxic, but not fatal. Too high intake of aloe vera juice can lead to diarrhoea. Aloin is the causative agent of this.

Pitch and care Aloe vera

An Aloe vera plant likes it It is best to use a mix of: two parts cactus soil and one part grit. Also at the bottom of the pot you use a small layer of grit.

The aloe vera does not like wet roots, so the roots can rot. In winter you only have to water the plant once a day in the remaining months you check once a week if the root has dried out, if so: then it is only In the growing season it is important to administer liquid cactus manure monthly, this promotes the growth and quality of the plant.

The aloe vera is not hardy, and needs a minimum temperature of around the

10 degrees, pay extra attention to this in winter. From May to October, the Aloe vera can be perfectly outdoors.

What diseases most often occur in aloe vera

An aloe vera plant is not so difficult, the worst thing that can happen to you is rotting roots. If the leaves turn yellow, this is a clear sign of excess moisture.

stop watering until the root is completely dehydrated and in most cases the plant restores. In addition, it is very rare that the aloe vera suffers from mealy lice.

Aloe vera cuttings/propagation

The Aloé vera plant can be easily cuttings, at the core of the stem there are small outgrowths. You can cut them off with the help of a sharp knife from the mother plant and put them directly into the full (cuttings) soil.


The sown seeds are placed in a light spot and after that you have patience. The germination of an Aloe vera seed can take one to three months.


aloe vera

The Aloe vera is becoming increasingly popular, it is an easy plant that also looks beautiful. In many garden centres you can buy your own Aloe vera for a few euros, but also at supermarkets and residential boulevards they are


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