Alphaweekend on the Holy Spirit (27)

... as testimonies next to that of the speaker...

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Follow-up story Kalle en Pietje, part 27

On Friday night, the whole group meets in a care farm. The Alphateam has organized a very nice weekend about the Holy Spirit. This evening, Charles will explain to them who the Holy Spirit is. He does that on the basis of his personal testimony. A poignant story about the change in his life a few decades ago.


In the after-conversation in the small group Kalle and Annie are clearly present. They put their different experiences as testimonies next to that of the speaker. Meanwhile, the hearts of the other participants are slowly, but surely more heated.

The realization that the Holy Spirit is none other than God Himself and that they too can experience it leaves its mark in their minds. Pietje even experiences a warm glow flowing through her elbow. Even though she's still so bad...

Also in this part of the story about Kalle and Pietje is the keyword cannibal Packed. The 140 words challenge led by @Dewaputra is a nice guideline anyway.

Just like the open to everyone Alpha course ...


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