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Amazing things you don't want to miss in Calgary (ENG)

In May 2019 we went to Canada for 3 weeks. We did a lot! We rented a RV and traveled from Calgary to Vancouver. I would like to share the highlights of this trip with you. I list our highlights for each destination. Who knows, you might get inspiration and / or useful tips from our trip.


1. Down Town
 If you are in Calgary we advise you to visit Down Town.  It's a very special city. The entire city is made for the cold winters. All shops are located in apartment buildings that can all be reached by corridors. Once you are in the right building you can have fun! In one of the shopping centers you even come across a city park at three floors.  Can you imagine that? Very nice to have a look at that park. You can also go to the toilet for free here and these are very clean. What is also nice to see are the Food Courts. You will find this a lot in Canada. Down Town has many shops and also various restaurants / coffee shops.  It's nice to shop here.  

2. Prince's Island  Park
 If you want to see a beautiful skyline from Calgary, then Prince's Island Park is a good place to go. Through this park you can eventually climb a staircase where you have a view of a beautiful skyline of Calgary.  We saw  that many people were exercising here in the park, cool to see. It did provide a satisfying and calm atmosphere in one way or another. In the park you can go for a nice walk, but you can also sit quietly, for example to eat your sandwich or take a rest. 

3. Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is located next to Prince's Island Park. This is a beautiful red bridge where you can eventually take beautiful pictures with the skyline of Calgary in the background. Nice challenge for photographers. If you're at this bridge then you are close to the Bakery Alforno restaurant. We were approached by locals that you have the best coffee and cheese cake over here. It is worth eating or drinking something here, because the locals are certainly right that it's delicious!

4. Calgary Tower

You can't miss the Calgary Tower when you are in Calgary. You can visit this tower and enjoy the view. You can also eat at the restaurant in the Calgary tower. It isn't cheap, but you have a dinner with an amazing view. The restaurant revolves very slowly, so you can enjoy Calgary 360 degrees while eating. The food is also very tasty and chic. For us this was an experience that we didn't want to miss. If you want to eat here it's wise to make a reservation via the internet or to stop by. A reservation is easily made.


Do you know the 'UBER' APP?  Just order an 'UBER' to get you from A to B. It works perfect! All you have to do is download the app and sign up as a passenger. Its easy to work with the app and it works well in Calgary. We used it a lot. 

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