American Cancer Society

For more than a century, donate American cancer society has worked to find a cure for cancer and assist patients in fighting back, getting well, and staying well. The Society now employs a variety of websites and mobile apps to deliver cancer detection and treatment information, volunteer opportunities, and receive donations.
The Society realized it needed assistance in figuring out how people use its websites and apps. It was evident that the company’s customers had a wide range of needs and goals, but the digital marketing team couldn’t figure out how to arrange them in a valuable way for everyone.
As a result, it sought assistance from Search Discovery, a digital analytics and marketing firm.

Dismantled Scorecard:

Visitors to the site were looking for information on cancer signs and symptoms and understanding a cancer diagnosis. On the other hand, participants raised money for cancer research by participating in walks, races, and other events. Finally, some wanted to donate American cancer society to aid in the fight against cancer.
The next stage was to determine whether each group was successfully locating what it was looking. The Society gathered signals of conversion success for each group using custom dimensions in Analytics.

The team discovered that success for information searchers entailed viewing the excellent web pages and gathering information.
The scoring approach allowed the Society’s marketing staff to keep track of the site’s general health and trends over time for each user segment.
More crucially, Society is now using Google Ads to communicate with its members depending on any number of categories and scores. For one thing, it started encouraging people who were looking for information to give to cancer research.

How to Drive Traffic Effectively:

The Society’s analysts discovered behaviour changes in each sector that would have gone unnoticed otherwise thanks to the new unique measures.

For example, the Society’s only site for disseminating cancer research and information is
In October,’s site performance score began to improve. According to the study, this can be ascribed in part to October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The donate American cancer society, on the other hand, had anticipated that breast cancer supporters would visit the Making Strides website, and intended to handle this kind of traffic.

To encourage individuals to visit the Making Strides website, the Society’s marketing team created additional promotions on It was a huge success. Almost 39,000 visitors clicked on those links throughout the month.

On, the team also designed a new donation form that solely delivered cash to breast cancer research. The outcome was a 5.4 percent increase in revenue for year over year.


Society analysts are now using the user-scoring metrics offered by Search Discovery to evaluate the effectiveness of other website modifications and redesign projects. Search Discovery and Analytics support the Society in donating American cancer society out to a new generation of cancer supporters, patients, and donors as it enters its second century.