An ode to my beautiful stake

The beloved stake


My stake, my very beloved stake, my favorite bush in the backyard. He has a completely different name, which I forgot, but I still call this beautiful shrub “cease.” It has become a kind of nickname for this beautiful plant that grows and blooms.

The beautiful branches, leaves and berries invite birds to enjoy and go from one branch to another. Eating from the berries or just sitting and hopping.

The stake is not only a fine place for birds, but also houses numerous spiders, which are cute more-legged animals, but also to a single fly. From time to time butterflies and dragonflies also land in my beautiful stake.

Visitors to the stake

Pigeons come along, sparrows pay a visit, a single blackbird comes along, but also beautiful robins and great tits appreciate our stake.

And then there are two dangerous figures that you have to go for. Two terrorists with tracksuits in black and white. Be wary, they are super fast and nimble. They hide under the stake, ready for a quick sprint.

Sometimes they sneak into the middle tops of the stake, ready for action. Sometimes they're up at the stake in three seconds. And from time to time the stake is actually hunted, then the lower branches have to pay for it.

We are talking about two panthers here.


A stake full of comfort

It is now a large, proud shrub that is strong and proud in the wind and the sun radiates and enjoys life within it. Everything may come in and be lovingly embraced.


In 2015, the year we had to say goodbye to our beloved red hangover, 2 years earlier than I wanted, the stake was a consolation to me. He was young, but he was pretty big.

One day I came home from work and I opened the gazebo door to put the mail cart in. A big lack, caught me and at that moment a butterfly flew out of the stake to the gazebo, sat down on the gazebo and flew back to the stake. I saw that as a piece of comfort from my loving heavenly Father.

The water bowl, which my beloved mother-in-law (who unfortunately is no longer with us) once made and which was under the stake, was also a consolation tool. Regularly we saw sparrows in them bathing and drinking. They enjoyed to the fullest and I enjoyed the birds at the stake in my turn.

History of the stake

Why a stake, you will wonder. Why such an ugly name, when that bush is so beautiful? That's what it is. It must have been in 2014 that he was born. He was very small. It wasn't much more than a piece of wood with some small leaves on it. He was there all of a sudden. Underground preparations had already been made. There was a trial going on that I didn't know about.

One day my mother came by and she went to work in the garden without question to weed weeds. That went so fast and without consultation, that a holyhock went out, which was growing in an impossible place in the garden, but which I found funny.

I could imagine that she would take away that little twig of leaves, and prayed a quiet prayer that she would not see it, so that I could see it grow and bloom. The answer to that prayer may be clear. It grows and blooms and I can enjoy it every day.

Sometimes I prune it a little, to keep it beautiful, and a few years back, we'd put a twig inside in some water. To my no small surprise it grew and even leaves came.

Unfortunately, it did not withstand the weather conditions, when I put it outside again, but our beloved stake is very strong and resistant to all weather conditions. We even saw blossom in it. Beautiful white flowers.

Such a beautiful stake deserves to be immortalized in words and images.


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