An owl of 10 euros

Soon a birthday? Then it will be convenient to give money, so that the birthday boy himself can buy something he likes. Just putting a tenner in the hand, that's not so much fun. Something out of folding or making, is a lot more cozy. A money gift is always appreciated.

You think you've spent a lot of time on it? That really is not so! Within 2 minutes you have made a nice owl of 10 euros. Based on the same way you owls make from toilet rolls .

Roll the money note into a tube and seal it with two adhesive tapes. Fold the roll inside at the top to form the ears. Stick wobbly eyelets, an orange paper triangle and feathers with glue.

Don't you have feathers on hand? Then cut out of paper 2 feathers, and cut fringes into it. So beeped. Little trouble, great fun.

Ineke van der Linde has made a great piece of work out of it. Motherowl is sitting here with her 3 little owls. The nest is very creatively made from twigs and ivy. Super nice idea, a very nice money gift!

Money gifts - make money surprisingly creative gift tips (publisher De Lantaarn/Ruitenbergboek B.V.)

Wonderful, but true: it is possible to give someone money without making an imaginative impression. Coins and banknotes can be shaped in many ways. Folded or rolled up, neatly wrapped and nicely decorated, your gift is a jewel on every gift table. At birth, wedding, Christmas or just as a thank you: in this book you will find countless ideas for the most diverse situations. See the book HERE