And then... covid-19

And then. . . . I woke up Saturday 31 October with a feeling of a kind never before experienced cold virus or flu. I was bummed like a plug, because an ordinary flu can also be life dangerous for me.. For example, more than 5 years ago I was in the hospital with extra hydrocortisone and extra oxygen. My husband also felt “flu-like”. Sunday November 1st we went to search on Google what to do best. However, we still assumed a “common cold or flu virus, but found online that it was better to have us tested anyway, so we decided to call the GGD immediately and we could be tested the same morning.

I was helped by 2 nice young men and made a short chat that the reason for the test was that I expected to have a cold virus or flu, but if I really get sick and had to see a doctor or even a hospital then I must have been tested for covid-19. I suspect that this is why the gentlemen decided to take a quick test, because when I looked early the next morning there was:

You were tested on 01 November 2020. The result of the test is positive.
That means you have the coronavirus.
We understand that this is not a nice message. Take a moment to process this news calmly.

Wow and indeed that was something to process. In the afternoon came my husband's results and he too was positive. Later that day, both of us were called by the GGD and have to tell us what kind of medicine we were taking, because this can make you stay contagious for longer.. In our case this means that we are in quarantine until Friday 13 November and only after that we can go outside. Provided we are free of complaints for at least 24 hours.

On the one hand, I was kind of relieved. There is a suspicion in both my general practitioner and 2 hospitals that I already had covid-19 in March. However, there was no testing. Only in July I was tested and also had an anti-dust test, but too late, so there was nothing to be found. Then I got pretty stuffy and thought my sarcoidosis had gotten worse. You had to have a fever back then, and I didn't have that. I haven't had that, by the way.. Now it looked more like a very, but very heavy flu with a lot of white mucus coughing up, incredibly intense fatigue, sneezing, sore throat and I had had almost a week of popping, but then also popping headache and a few days very intense muscle pain..

Meanwhile I feel pretty good, hardly coughs, sneezing no more. Headache and muscle pain are over and I am quite on my normal level in terms of fatigue, but of course I haven't been outside yet and my condition is completely gone.

My husband is especially tired and has also lost his condition. Axle. Saturday we would be allowed to go outside again, but work is not for him yet.

Where'd you get it?
Well, how do you get off. I don't know how we got it. The workmen did not get sick, so we do not know and quite honestly now it has no added value. Some people reacted angry that I said that, but I find a question of guilt nonsense. If someone lights me with the ordinary house, garden and kitchen flu, are we going to treat it as a criminal later, because that can also become life-threatening for me.

There we were then, cut off from the outside world, because despite that already were in home isolation because of my husband's skin cancer we were not allowed to go outside. Except for the balcony then and there we sat a lot. If only the sun shone for a moment. Furthermore, we quickly felt good enough to cook together and started to mess around in the house, because after such a mega renovation there is of course still a lot of building dust in the air. So we could also slowly get used to our new kitchen and new floor, because after years of moisture problems and last year a kitchen leakage it was very accustomed that we now had a 'normal' house again and felt that strange and not from us. Meanwhile we are well used to and very happy with our beautiful 'new' apartment.

Still it is strange, because for a long time we are still careful and a little afraid to get covid-19 and then suddenly you have it and so you're just deadly. You don't notice that, but you can use it to kill someone. That's so hard to understand. We have also been quite a while anxious that we would still go backwards. Fortunately, we didn't have any fever, but we heard some stories from the environment of people who were very bad or vital 50 people over who had both died from covid-19. I don't know why we can tell, and I find that quite difficult. Of course, I allow myself to live, but I also give it to the other people. Apparently healthy people who play sports, maybe make healthier choices and then.

So I did not dare to write for a while, because I was afraid to get stuffy. Now I'm a lung patient and I'm familiar with stuffiness, so I sometimes have a little stuffy, but that's part of my sarcoidosis, so I'm not afraid of that..