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Photographing with your phone - in PRO - mode
Do more with the camera on your mobile phone - Take a lot of photos with your mobile phone? Do you know that you can adjust a lot of settings there like on a 'real' camera? Especially with the phones with 3 or 4 lenses you can take beautiful pictures.  On the question of @Ingrid Tips and more which manual she could use best when photographing with her mobile phone I gave her the right link. The cards in the set of concise manuals are good to use if you shoot a lot with your mobile phone! However, it was necessary to make an extra card at the PRO settings that many cameras on the mobile phone today have. Focus, white balance, shutter speed, ISO and general exposure can all be set on most mobile phones. Just take a look at your PRO settings. So you take a picture with your mobile, and there's something you're not happy about? Look at this manual what you could do about it! For more manuals you can check out my compilation blog brief tutorials:   Away the doubt of manual shooting, with the set of 12 concise manuals shooting - The brief manuals are also available in English, click on the link for more photography tips and manuals.   Away the doubt of manual shooting, with the set of 12 concise manuals shooting - #mobilephotography #photography #photographing #brieftutorials #photographytips #manuals #cameramobile #mobilephone #splendidphoto
Coloring card Papa - Father's Day
Did you make or buy a gift for your father? Pretty so! Now there's another map, actually. Below you can download and print the map. Color it beautifully with crayons, felt-tip pens, wax chalk or watercolor! Put your name underneath. Then Father's Day can certainly no longer break! Nikita has colored these plates with the children, to give extra with the Father's Day gift. What a colourful and cheerful works of art it has become! Stick it with decorative adhesive tape (eg. washi tape) on a sheet of colored cardboard. So your father can also hang it on the wall or stick it on the fridge! Download the file here (2 choices): - Do you like this?  Like then the FACEBOOKPAGE of The Craft Teacher Ede   and stay up to date with the best craft tips and creative inspirations! Mail: - Or look at Crafts for Children 0-4 years Join Yoors for free and free and receive the welcome bonus right here: - Sign in for Yoors 40 Father's Day tips and ideas! - Read more Sidewalk crayons and photography - for Mother's Day or Father's Day - The Craft Teacher Ede Read more Painting #mother - #fathersday gift. - Mirelle-Creametkids Read more Father's Day Crafts - The Craft Teacher Ede Read more #Schilderijtje pre #fathersday ! - Mirelle-Creametkids Read more Gift for mom and dad - Mirelle-Creametkids Read more #fathersday #map #fathersdaykaart #homemade #homemade #papa #papaday #tinkering #creatively #creativelymetkids