Why I want the Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch so badly

Yesterday I already wrote a blog about the Nintendo Switch that I would like to have and what kind of gadget the Switch is. Did you miss this blog or would you like to know what a Switch content? Click on the blog below.

One of the newest games for the Switch is Animal Crossing, I understood that this game has been around for a while but that this is the latest version.

I didn't know that this game existed, but it seems so great & interesting. It really aroused my interest, I would like to play the sooo, but I really like it! So much I wanted to save for the Switch.

I follow Joostspeeltgames on YouTube, he uploads a new episode of the game every day. DAMN, how jealous I am when I see him playing so much fun. There's only one feeling going through me what says I MUST HAVE THIS GAME!!.

It's cute, it looks cute, the ones who come to live on your island are super cute animals.

It only makes me happy, especially with everything that is happening in the world right now, I just sort of forget.

It may sound weird for this game, but I'm so curious about what this game is already doing to me.


You're moving to an uninhabited island, which will be your permanent residence.

You start in a tent which expands into a house that can become bigger and more beautiful.

You can travel to countries where you only go once.

You have a code associated with your game that allows you to travel to the worlds of your friends to see what they have on their islands.

They may have very other things that grow with you on your island, try to pick something and take it back to slap it and grow it on your island as well.

You earn clingels by completing assignments with those clingels, you can then pay off your mortgage that you get once you buy a house.

You can try to persuade other animals across the other islands to live in your village, so you will make your little village more fun and festive.

This version of Animal Crossing is localized in Dutch which was not the case before, also this game has fun word jokes and hints.

The local owl who will later become the master of the museum through everything you collect greets you with “gooe-how-the morning” and apologizes for his tired state.

Because “during the day he usually snaps an owl”

Also when fishing and catching insects you get a fun joke.

With carp, you are reminded that “sometimes traveling together in a carpoule” with the trout, your character wonders if it's not just a surprised trout.

Then you also have the option to do it yourself. You dig, chop down trees, and you can fish.

From the trees you can make anything wooden beds, wooden chairs, wooden tables.

You start on level one where everything is actually fragile, later in the game you can start making rods, shovels, fishing nets, etc. from iron nuggets that are stronger and will last longer but beware because these too are fragile over time.


The miles system gives a little more grip on the game.

You can complete the five daily missions to save up, as you gradually learn what else you can do in the game.

New Horizons encourages you in the beginning because your first home upgrade is purchased with miles.

The further you get into the game, the freer everything gets.


To make my long story short, it's a fun entertaining game.

You start small, but it's expanding more and more.

The fun thing about this game is that it is not only for the young generation among us, but also adults play this game massively.

What is also a nice thing is that before you leave for your island Tom Nook asks you to live in Europe or somewhere else to play in your own time zone exactly on the day and hour you play at that moment, so do you play mainly in the evening?

Then your game will often be dark, do you play a lot during the day?

Then, of course, you have more daylight in your game.

I am so looking forward to seeing and decorating my island and welcoming all these cheerful & too cute animals on my island.