Annie near Kalle (91)

... by Kalle to report...

Annie is here to report

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 91

Annie visits Kalle at Pietje's request to report on her surprise visit. Her extensive story gives him new courage, because Kalle also keeps getting used to this situation.


He is happy to notice that more people are working with Pietje as a prisoner.. And of course for Annie's powerful prayer for her.

That Pietje has been such an open book to Annie about her past as a source of the feelings of rejection surprises him. But still he also recognizes that this will help hair to be completely released.

Kalle recognizes that he himself is just a wurm on the verge of talking about his feelings. The opportunity Annie now offers him, he grabs with both hands. Something that surprises and rejoices Annie.

The keyword bookworm for this month in the @140woorden challenge is, of course, incorporated into this contribution.


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