Answers to why do we hire you questions
You have heard that job interview are fearful with interviewer or panelists firing you with numerous tough questions.

As such, you are all prepared for an interview. You are brilliant and smart filled with right kind of confidence. Thus, nothing will make you stutter during the interview because you have kept all the possible answers you are going to give them, handy.


You enter the interview room, and amongst the many questions they have for you, your interviewer suddenly ask you this one "why should we hire you?"

No matter how well ready you think you are, if you aren’t prepared for this particular question, you are going to stammer and sweat instantly.

Therefore some possible answers you can give are include;

1. “You will hire me because am good, very good. You should hire me because, I have the necessary skills and experience which I will bring to the firm for greater output and positive results.”

2 . You should hire me because, I have gotten the right attitude and passion to do my work effortlessly.
Here you should give instance on how you have used your skills to carry out similar task in the past.

“You should hire me because with reference to the job specification. My communication skill is second to none, having worked as an IT personnel in a 5 Star Restaurants, where I utilized my IT and marketing skills to triple their profit monthly. I achieve this feat because of my IT support and communication skills."

3. Emphasize on your bonus skills

If the job statement states that the person to be hired must have Microsoft word skills. And you have Excel and Access skills. Then all you will do is to leverage on that aspect of your skills that is related to what they require. Make them understand how you will use that skill to increase productivity and make more money for the company.

“My CEO recommended my top notch skills, in his words – you are the best computer professional I have ever seen.”

4. You should hire me because I'm so much interested and passionate about working in this position. My passion and zest is second to is quite applaudable.

5. Make them believe you're the online one that can carry the job.

Follow these rules when giving your answer

1. Be specific about  your area of expertise
No need listing everything you can do. Just mention the specific ones.

2. Give examples with each skill
Don't just say I have this and that. Narrate a short story of how you have used that skill in the past to yield  massive results

3. Control your attitude
Don’t get to excited on the play ground. In  much as you shouldn't be dull. Show some humility before the interview.

“As a new graduate, I know I don’t have the necessary job experience. Nonetheless, I have garnered immeasurable experience as a volunteer worker for many companies and nonprofit organizations. My volunteer service to them has  equipped with multitasking and management skills. With the ability to effectively, finish my work within the stipulated timeframe.”

4. Demonstrate your team work ability
Most firms employ you because they have seen you as a team spirited person. In corporate firm, great and massive success is achieve only when workers work as a team. Because of this, show them that you are a great team player with good examples.


Answers to why do we hire you questions