Funny how we have so much experiences and memories all starked in one little georgeous mind.
Bitter and sweet ; unpredictably arranged in the story of our life.
But to some point it's easy to get over things which we likely less believed we could forget.
So much activities that the mind can't tell.
Some leave trails behind while the rest just fade.
We meet new people
Do new things
Experience new feelings
Wow .. life isn't a short story at all
But it can be summarized in brief words.
Grow Grow Grow
It's not just the advance in age
But the approach to accountability of every step we take.
Give yourself that time to grow through experiences of hardship, joy, fulfilment, heartbreak and all what life is made of
Let every moment count
Let go when it's time to
And step up a higher stage of life.
Remember when you grow up ,
You remain there
But when you jump up,
You will definitely come down.

Growing up