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My Everlasting Sweet Desire

My Everlasting Sweet Desire

After all these years, your still on my mind

I remember everthing

Your voice oh so kind

Your skin soft as can be

Oh i want you with me

Your smell, when somebody paases me by and wears your perfume

When i turn and look,  expecting you

But only in my dreams i see you

Oh My sweet desire

You were the only one, that burned my inner fire





There is  No one like you, who can me be breathless

Time, tenderness

Passion all night long

With You is were I belong

Oh my sweet desire

Please come back and set my heart on fire

Again let us cling together

Not in my dreams, but for real

Remembering your eyes, lakes to appear

Swimming into those eyes, close by so near

But you are so far away

Out of reach

Oh i pray

My sweet desire

When will you set my heart again on fire





That one sweet desire

You my sweetness

my heart melts,

for No one else

and  touched  my soul as you did a long time ago

the only one who let my heart breath

shivers over my body all the way down beneath

my skin 

you felt as my soultwin

you and I forever


but after all these years, time went by

my high hopes , fly

never found someone like you on my way

and every night i pray

but the painfull truth, it will never happens i know

Only in my dreams , I still burn and touches your fire

My everlasting sweet desire

Written by Aramis 2017

No one knows what the future brings to you, nothings is, what it seems to be. Stay as you are, you are beautiful, like a flower, that smells like hony and like a cat that feels like a friend. Be the one, who you are and you will find your destiny.
01-03-2017 12:44
01-03-2017 12:44 • Reageer
gewoon, is mavo engels, kan dit ook nergens aan toetsen, neem niet weg dat het uit mijn koker komt en ik er wel tevreden over ben, misschien ooit mijn droom mijn tekst op muziek, al was het er maar 1
23-02-2017 23:27
23-02-2017 23:27 • Reageer
Ja mooi hoor
23-02-2017 22:54
23-02-2017 22:54 • 1 reactie • Reageer
dank u, weet alleen niet of mijn engels wel goed genoeg is
23-02-2017 23:03
23-02-2017 23:03 • 1 reactie • Reageer