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The Legacy of Maria Elizabeth

The Legacy of Maria Elizabeth

I want to know were you are

Looking at the sky

I see the brightest star

No one can buy

No one should cry

Just let her  shine

So devine

But if  I could I catch you and bring you back

With us were you belong

But your call from above had to come

To leave this place

After all you had to do and  had done

And now you are the brightest star in the sky

Shine, like the brightest diamond

The fire within, the flames reaching sky high

So far away, but I feel you near by

Now you shine

So devine

The brightest star

You are

you were

and allways shall be for me

my precious



sweet maria

why you had to go

Gone too  soon, they have  taken you away

No time given for something to say

Why we  will never know

But something beautiful you put in me,  shall grow

 your legacy was already seeded

As if you knew, it was soon needed

And settled in my heart,

you shine at the sky

i feel you always near by

life your live, you said

be proud, stand straight, be you

that’s why I will always love you

because you still shine

still devine

inside my heart,

inside my mind

I shall go on, I make you proud

A man  who  rises, tall, above the crowd

So I see you when you shine

Always devine

Now I’ve spread my wings, trying to fly

On my own, but your power within me, nearbye

Gives me strength, confidence, guidence

Your words are still in my head

Be you, be who you wannabe, spread your wings and learn to fly,

Straight ahead, no looking back, proud, BE YOUtiful

Look from your own welhead

It’s inexhaustible

And anything is possible

Sweet maria, i know now you are everywhere

By the light of the brightest star, free

Inside my heart, in your legacy, always by  me

And in everyone you’ve touched with your heart

My dear you  became your own Art

Priceless and one of a kind

The legacy you left behind

So close, so far

I know now were you are

in loving memory  of Maria Elizabeth 

by Aramis, 2017   

Karin van der Straaten
en vaak naast je zijn ook, vermeodelijk ervaar je haar
02-03-2017 18:53
02-03-2017 18:53 • Reageer
She Will live in your heart forever
12-02-2017 22:57
12-02-2017 22:57 • Reageer