Objective: Survive a series of funny Youtube clips (or 6 second vines) without laughing (or smiling, depending on how you want to play).

Setup: The best way to play is to view a compilation of vines and clips specially designed to make you laugh and/or smile. Use a webcam or mobile phone to record your reactions throughout these clips.

  • Record yourself reacting to a compilation of funny videos. You can choose any video you want, however you can view the videos below also
  • You can do this by making a screenrecording of the compilation or pasting the footage of your reaction and add this to the bottom of the video
  • Try not to laugh, grin or smile!!! 😄😁😂
  • However if you can't resist, don't hesitate to upload your video
  • Add the hashtag #trynottolaugh to your post
  • You will get 50 Yoors Points for each like you get on your post
  • Check the videos below for inspiration and an idea on how to make a try not to laugh video.

I am making this challenge so you can have fun, laugh a little and enjoy! Good luck with the challenge.

Are you joining the Try Not To Laugh challenge?