Are you looking into the sauna?

Today I received another response to the poem below.
Unfortunately, I can't share this, but maybe it's a reason to post it again.


Going to the sauna together, something we've been doing for years. Can I still walk and enjoy myself, just like before?
I don't want to be deprived of anything, I don't want to miss something. Yet it is confrontational and it hurts to see me like this.
The first time, people may well know this, was difficult and I will never forget.
People are startled, that's just a fact. Still, I did not regret coming.
Look or scare, I think it's okay. A woman without breasts isn't something you see every day.
And you know for us, breasts are weird right now. That's what we see in the Sauna.
Big ones, small ones, even whole weirds. I think we're staring just as much right now.
But hey, it doesn't really matter what people think or see.
Give love to life and make sure you enjoy!

by: a Voice of Thoughts


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