Around the world with a limerick...

With the hashtag #yoorsworldtrip2021 takes @NOOS Happy Words take us every day on a world trip to another place...

Today I suddenly got a hunch to do that with a Limerick every time..

Here we go.. you will also go on a world trip?


We started on 27 February in Amsterdam...

A kitty hangover from Amsterdam...

soon took another bite of his sandwich.

He said very meekly

It's really not easy..

That lockdown made me come to.

Then we went to Paris on February 28th..

A handsome charmer from Paris..

was already gray at his temples

But that didn't stop him,

He wasn't too shy about a flirtation either..

but one lady brought him from the wise.

New York was the turn on March 1..

A chic New York baker..

his bad sale kept him awake.

He borrowed money from the bank

but there it was limping...

Now he's on the ground, the wretch.

And today March 2nd we are somewhere in Venezuela...

A Venezuelan exotic gentleman..

danced very consciously back and forth.

He seemed really fit

because he danced with pit...

but at night he fell down on the couch.

Portugal will be on the programme tomorrow.. are you also curious about my next limerick?