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Kort verhaal: A swing under the sun

Kort verhaal: A swing under the sun

Does it matter in what world something happened? This story is real, it happened in my mind.

It was a warm summer evening when I had to get ready for bed. But I was standing with my nose against the window… Staring into nothingness. I wasn’t thinking about anything, I just stood there.

I stood there for about 10 minutes until I realized that the sun was setting. People cycled quickly through the streets. They were heading home to spend some time together with their loved ones.

The sun was ready to fly to the other side of the world. There he would give some of his warmth and happiness to other people.

But as usual, something magical happened.

The sun lowered himself and stopped in my street. I knew this was my chance. There was no time left to waste thinking about the dangerous things that could happen to me.

You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe. So I ran outside and sat down on the swing hanging under the sun. I held the ropes of the swing tightly with my sweaty hands. We accelerated, and my heart began to pound while we quickly flew over my city.

After a few minutes I saw group of cows and sheep peacefully walking in the meadows and we started to slow down. The way I felt is almost indescribably.

I felt a deep relaxation while we slowly flew over the Grand Canyon, Madagascar and other amazing places like The Great Wall of China. After flying for a long time, the Alps loomed in the distance and it started to snow. We flew so high that I could see the whole horizon, which was wonderful.

We flew over the mountains and the mountaineers and skiers waved at me. They looked very happy down below me,in the pure and white snow. Oh I would love to spend some time with them. I thought about talking to them and listing to their adventures…

But the sun was in a hurry and he woke me up from my thoughts. He started to fly very fast in weird directions. We flew incredibly hard and way too low, we almost hit the tops of the pine trees. I lost control and the skiers who once looked so relaxed looked at me with big anxious eyes. They knew it was going wrong.

My imagined world went blurry as I fell off the swing. I fell down to the earth.

At least it is a beautiful world I thought. And then I realized it was my world…

“The world in my mind, where I could go whenever I want, wherever I am.”

I let my body relax while I fell into the soft and fresh snow.

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