Interview with the artist: tribute to Salvador Dalì

Here I am again with my fantasy for an interview with the artist, published some time ago on I am in the company of a writer friend of mine and today we will meet a great artist but, unfortunately, we have a problem: all my means of locomotion have left me, I don't know how to go and get it, I need help and the only one who can run to our rescue is Matteo "spark", the writer from Foligno. Now I phone him.

- Matteo, only you can help me!

- Hi Wà, what happened?

- The 500 is brokent, the Vespa, after I had it driven by Picasso, has a crooked fork, the Guzzi is painted all pink with a green tank and, if he sees it, he gets pissed and gives it up, I have to go get him in 10 minutes and I don't know how to do it, please come up with an idea!

- There is the 600 minibus of the nuns of the convent of the pacifists.

- Ah! So?

- Then we steal it, but then we bring it back.

- Basically, we are on a mission on behalf of God!

- I know this joke, come on, let's not waste time, let's go to the convent, dressed all in black so as not to catch the eye!

- Like priests?

- What are you saying, like Diabolik! But didn't you read the comics? I recommend you also dye your face black!

- And how do I do this?

- With Giotto markers, but do I have to tell you everything? What kind of artist are you?

- I'll be right back!

Walter Fest and Matteo "Spark", the writer from Foligno, disguised as Diabolik, with Giotto's face tinged with black, are about to scrape the nuns' minibus, and then go running to pick up today's artist.

- With a jump we climb over the wall of the pacifist nuns, with a painter's spatula we open the door, Matteo the writer  attacks the wires of the ignition lock, I start, there is full of fuel, we are going to start and ...

- But you're just too clumsy!

She is the abbess nun and has a large club in her hand.

- Take the keys and make no noise, of course you are really two idiots, the youngest here is 105 years old. It's a life we ​​don't drive, instead of scratching it you could have asked.

- Sister, let's run, we have to take an artist!

- Well ?! Are you going to take him with a 600 minibus? And then who would this artist be?

- That's what designed the chupa-chups brand.

- The lollipops?

- Yup.

- Come on, don't keep him waiting. And when you bring it back I want it repainted.

- Like Pollock?

- On Sunday both of you come to confession, lazzaroni!

- Well, let’s go, the nun is still holding the club!

And thanks to the ecclesiastical recommendation, we start and in a flash we are with him, who is he? But it's easy, it's Salvador Dalì and he's waiting for us at the bar.

- Master, welcome, thank you for accepting our invitation.

- I have been waiting for you for an hour.

- Master, sorry, can we offer you a good coffee?

- Yes, but first I would like some pretzels, with olives, chips and a dry Martini.

Fortunately, Gianni, from behind the counter, saw the scene and in a flash brings us everything.

- So what do we want to talk about?

- Master, would you tell us brief notes about your life?

- Excuse me, what do you care?

- Maybe our readers are interested in your history.

- Do you want me to tell you something very frankly?

- Sure.

- Very well, then you must know that those who approach a work of art must not know anything about the life of an artist. These people only have to care about the pleasure, the taste of seeing the work done. They can study it, admire it, they can be led to reflect, they can dream, but to know the life, death and miracles of an artist, what would it do?

- Can you help us solve the dilemma?

- If the public were interested and enchanted by our love stories, passing through our human disasters, and therefore attracted by our fortunes or existential misfortunes, they would go into confusion. But aren't you tired of this crazy curiosity you call gossip?

- Without doubt the historical episodes have always influenced the artists, without popes and patrons your renaissance would not have been born, pass me the chips.

- Would you also like some cubes of Parmesan?

- After, after ... Here, you see, art must be admired, enjoyed, lived, contemplated. Art is part of the universe, consequently ,who cares who I was the son of, my love story, my performances, my travels, my mustache?

- Master, but if art is part of the universe, who is the artist?

- Let's say that the universe is the crumbling medium with which you arrived, let's say that you have no fuel in the tank and therefore it is a static vehicle.

- So?

- And then the genius of the artist intervenes, which is the fuel of the universe, it is the energy that lights up the colour, develops the vital power that illuminates people and makes them alive, an unstoppable explosion of perpetual motion, the humanity that merges with nature. Art puts the whole context in order and in disorder, creating balance and imbalance for your joy, in the continuous search for poetry and happiness.

- Maestro, speaking of poetry, I would like to introduce you to Matteo Gentili.

- And who is he?

- A writer, a poet who has music in rhymes.

- Boy, you should cut your beard, it ages you and makes you look, with all respect for the category, as a barber. But let's go on, what else would you like to ask me?

- Master, can you tell us about your style?

- I have no style, my painting is magic, if we have to talk about style that must refer only to my person, I am an object made of style, and the problem for others is that I am inimitable. Come on, try to imitate me! And do you want to know why I am shaped by my style?

- Of course we are curious.

- I wanted to be free, freedom is a great thing. Do I want to wear yellow trousers? I wear them. Do I want to wear a pair of fake shoes? Even if I am a painter, do I want to make a film? I can. And then I love to be photographed, because photography is a beautiful invention. But above all, I wanted to have fun, laugh, be cheerful, a mood that allowed me to paint and represent what escapes you humans and, without caterpillars in the head, to free my boundless fantasy. I admit it, I was a great worker of art, but still playful. And then the artist must not be too serious. Aren't politicians, academics, anchormans on all the pulpits of the globe enough?

- You were a surrealist.

- Yes and even the only one, although the movement was formed by a group of valid painters, I was “the” surrealist. Do you understand the difference?

- Let's imagine so. Master, what do you think of the other artists of that period who shared that path with you?

- Brilliant, capable, talented, daring, able to break with the art of the past, but held back by money, by the urgent need to satisfy critics and merchants to sell their works, a border that, if not crossed, precludes you to dive into the indefinite. Not that I didn't love money and success, but I didn't want to fix my mind on earthly matters.

- And you, detaching yourself from the crowd, created your myth.

- It was easy because I was born a myth, since I was a child I had my ideas and then, like many others, I was predestined. Do you see these hands?

- Yup.

- They are like those of a magician. I drew and painted magic. But you were asking me about the moment when I detached myself from the rest of the painters of the surrealist group, with whom there were divergent points. I am not a lone wolf, I have always worked with many other artists, photographers, directors, writers, advertisers, the only condition for collaborating was to have fun and be visionary.

- Master, did you also draw and receive inspiration from other artists?

- How to remain indifferent to the beauty of art produced by other artists of the past? I believe that the whole real and unconscious universe is a huge ocean of energy, which we must all draw on. I have never copied or imitated anyone, I have only drawn on that energy necessary to create new ones. Boy, what's wrong? You look nervous.

- Matteo, tell him about the poem.

- Master, would you like to hear a poem of mine?

- Sure, is that why you're nervous?

- You know, I'm kind of emotional.

- Boy, I read in your eyes that you must have a great energy inside, strength, let me feel your art.

“In the vast expanse of crazy diamonds I searched for memories without finding them.

Yet these thoughts shone like stars in the sky

But a man cannot

a man does not know

a man loves what he sees

So these thoughts turned into memories

savor the gestures of a heart in turmoil "

- Well done, good Matteo. And so you too dig with abstraction in the maze of your unconscious to talk about love. I know about love. Do you know that I have loved a woman for over fifty years? How is this poem titled?

- What title would you give her?

- Synthesis of a synthetic love.

- But you're a genius!

- I know!

- Matteo, tell him about the book!

- Boy from Foligno, did you also write a book?

- Yes, someone. It is published with @libereria: The stories of a stranger.

- You will be successful, but cut your beard and, since you are nice, I will allow you to make yourself a mustache like mine. And when you go to the presentations of your work, you keep this same charisma. Be anxiously emotional but real and spontaneous, this thing people will appreciate. But what do we do now?

- Actually we should bring the 600 back to the nuns.

- I understand, give me a ride to the bus stop. Hey, boy from the bar, I recommend you not to accept money from these two,  marks the drink on Giacomo Balla's account. Come on, come on, my wife is waiting for me.

Friends, before returning the vehicle to the pacifist nuns, Walter Fest ,Matteo Gentili and Salvador Dalì thank you, greet you and look forward to seeing you at the next interview with the artist. And it will still be a pleasure.

"The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not a madman" Salvador
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