Art named Life

Answering the ancient calling, 
finding the strength to see the light ignite,
with the rainbow and stardust,
oh, life, how to explain the meaning of art?

Intention intervened with Devine,
sing along with the Moon and the Sun,
it's time to reveal a true self-connected with the One,
oh, art, can you finally reveal the meaning of life?

Asking the Heavens the questions right, 
feeling wisdom unwrapping the trap, 
Laing hand on a tree to hear the truth,
"Do not be afraid of the heights",
oh, dear Child, Life is your Art.

The art of "not-doing" in this lifetime,
but doing it anyway in the most fashionable way of Love,
becoming a mystical shaman with a Condor on her shoulder one, 
and a Peace Dowe on the other hand- 
"oh, dear Child, there's no room for fear now, 
let Life show you How Art can make you fly."

Finding a lost girl inside,
trapped in pain, old stories, guilt, and shame, 
was the hard part, 
but now is the time to reveal 
the true self through Art named Life.

"Baby girl, there is no need for tears now,
past is in the past - let lines between verses bring
the clarity you seek, I saw us kissing on the Love peek" 
- are the words found girl heard and simply believed.

Finding out "What's so great about gratefulness?"- 
The Mother with capital M - is a strong message
for every human to discover for self, 
the answer is different but the same, 
it's called breath. 

"We will catch you, no matter where you fall" and 
"You're world enough" 
are the lines that brought Hope back in Art
that new year can be a new start, 
collecting knowledge from universal, unconditional,
true Love while creating paradise. 

There's only one sister left to make this story work - 
besides Love, Hope, and Gratefulness - 
there's Mercy shown towards self in forgiveness, 
letting old you die to make new pathways in life,
"thank you mercy for guidance" is simple math, 
magic that descent into the human heart.

#poetry #shamanisam