As a token of appreciation!

Another week to go and then Inktober is over again. And we are delighted with all that support and response! It's got us a nice penny. In the beginning we sat here a bit to gack: 'look we have our first cup of coffee', and then: 'we can also add a point of apple pie. '
But the amount kept growing and we started to think about it a little more seriously. What if we started bundling the inktobers with drawing and story? Of course we still have to grope in our own pouch and it's still a guess, because you can just sit with all those bundles!!

That's why we decided to create a registration list. And as a thank you for your support, the first 15 Yoorsians get a 2.50 discount on the booklet. So instead of 10 euro excl shipping costs, you now pay 7,50 excl shipping costs.

So... Please let us know if you are interested in a comment. You may also send an email to: