A Summary Of How To Write A Good Graduation Thesis In The Uk

Literature review is the core creative content of the thesis, which accounts for a very high proportion in the whole paper. Only by understanding the basic characteristics and properties of the literature review can we improve the level of paper creation. The following TC teacher who wrote the British graduation thesis will explain the writing method of the literature review.

I. The role of literature review

Writing a good graduation thesis requires an understanding of the basics of research on writing topics, as well as basic theoretical knowledge related to the topic. The literature review generally refers to systematically investigating domestic and foreign literature and materials related to the selected subject, comparing, collating, processing and then writing a comprehensive narrative and evaluation article, especially some of the latest scientific research results and development trends of things. Need to point out that this topic needs improvement and unresolved issues. By comparing and evaluating the successful cases or scientific research results of domestic and foreign research, this can not only further clarify the significance of the topic, but also lay a foundation for this organization of materials and formation of perspectives.

Second, the basic characteristics of the literature review

There are many methods for categorizing documents, of which there are several commonly used ones. According to the order of processing, they can be divided into

1. Document, a document includes the literature work itself or a student's own research;

2. Secondary document, the so-called The secondary document refers to the secondary processing based on the first processing;

3. The tertiary document, the tertiary document is to select the content that has a substantial effect in the secondary document, and after deep processing according to certain needs and purposes, Into. The three literature are very comprehensive, because they include analysis, comparison, identification, and evaluation, which are very valuable documents.

Three distinct features of the literature review

1. Comprehensive. Because it is a comprehensive summary of the research results of the same subject in a certain period, everyone needs to collect as much as possible the original research results of the same subject and carefully figure out, process, organize and analyze.

2. Be descriptive. Although the literature review is an introduction to the topics of various periods or the viewpoints of various schools, we must also make these viewpoints as close as possible to the position that the original text wants to express. This requires us to be objective with this original text description of.

3. Evaluative. For the predecessor's research results, including but not limited to a very simple list, you need to use your own professional knowledge and an objective evaluation in combination with what you see and hear to express your views and positions.
The above is the core content writing method of the literature review introduced by the TC teacher written by the British homework group. I hope to help the writing of international students!

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