A U T U M N R O S E - and I had a book with me


Autumn rising, leaves preparing to fall from trees in preparation for winter. Nature moves on, in its eternal return.

We move on with it, driven by instinct, hope and a flash of inspiration.


I finished reading María Gainza´s “Optic Nerv” (Oogzenuw).

María Gainza, an Argentinian art critic and writer, masters an original style, combining the “life of great painters” kind of book, art criticism, and autobiography in a fictional narrative typical of short stories: different characters appear in each chapter and the story line is given to us by the Narrator’s life.

I read that this was her first book (original edition 2014)!

As an appetizer, here are two passages about art and life:

“It reminds me that in art it is all about the distance between something we consider pretty and something that captivates us, and that the variables that modify such a perception may be, and usually are, the smallest ones”

(my free translation - no quality guaranteed! - from the Portuguese version)

“To ever feel that you understand anything only means that your mind has turned rigid.”

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/18/books/review/maria-gainza-optic-nerve.html 

This is a captivating first novel. If you have the chance to read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.