Autumn in Kashmir is brighter than the autumn of Japan and Switzerland

The enchanting autumn season is at its top in the Kashmir Valley, and the Mughal Gardens has but again become a fundamental traveler attraction.
The autumn season is also acknowledged as 'Harud' in the nearby language denotes the foggy season with specific shades in the air and at some stage in this season the maple leaves of majestic Chinar bushes turn gold brown from the green which is usually attracting nature lovers. Take seem to be at some awesome photographs of Kashmir Valley during the autumn season:

Picturesque atmosphere

A large number of travelers from throughout the world have thronged to the gardens to witness its beauty and picturesque atmosphere created by the autumn leaves of 'Chinar trees'.
Scenic beauty
Tourists from across the world which includes one-of-a-kind components of India are touring the Mughal Gardens barring Nishat, Shalimar and Harwan gardens to observe the scenic beauty.
Nature’s own filter!
The golden hues of the leaves of the Chinar timber at the Nishat, Shalimar, Mughal gardens has stronger the splendor of these gardens and have a sight to cherish.
Spectacular fall of colors
Autumn, in its full glory, is one of the most awe-striking visuals round the world earlier than the entirety turns a picturesque white at some point of winter.

Beautiful season
Kashmir has four seasons. Autumn is a very beautiful season. Autumn starts on September 23 in Kashmir Valley.
India’s Own Switzerland
Often referred to as India’s Switzerland, this destination boasts of a lengthy listing of locations that shouldn’t be overlooked via any travelers, and which reflects nature's splendor at its best.
A stroll into paradise
The very sight of thick foliage everywhere carpeting the gardens and paths will mesmerize.
Carpet of leaves
As the refreshing autumn breeze sweeps you off of your feet, and the sight of vibrant leaves carpeting the floor in shades of yellow and orange.
Unique view
Situated on the banks of the river Chenab, this city shows a unique view of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas.