Autumn leaf paints

Autumn, autumn, what do you have for sale? A hundred thousand leaves on a heap! You have them in the fall for figuring out.. the leaves fall to the ground by themselves! I thought it would be nice to do something with it, too, but what? Under a Tree Tree I found large leaves.

I went to dry it between the pages of a newspaper with a heavy stone on top of it {so that it dries nicely flat}

After a few days of drying I was able to get started. It seemed fun to start dyeing them so I tried some out. I used Creall Orange Acrylics paint and green mixed Creall Pearl paint. This I applied to the sheet with a brush in parts. With a sponge I mixed the colors until I was satisfied with the color result.

Well dried and now provided with colourful wobbly eyes, a “person” began to emerge in the leaf. With a drawn mouth, it also got an expression.

Fun to do, not difficult and play with paint.. that's probably fun for kids to do!

You will need:

- Large leaf

- Creall Acrylics paint and Creall Pearl paint

- Brush

- Old sponge

- Colored wobbly eyes

- Black waterproof marker

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Here, the applied colors are mixed by stamping with an old sponge. The Pearl paint creates a beautiful shine on the sheet!


Autumn song:


It's autumn! The twins Luuk and Lotje are going to play in the garden. Between the leaves on the ground they find a hedgehog. He's getting ready for hibernation, says Dad. Luuk and Lotje would like to help the hedgehog! They're going to build a nest. Do you think that will work?

A cheerful and simple story about autumn. For toddlers from 30 months, with the world around the child as a theme.

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One morning, Lotte looks out the window and sees it's autumn. Together with mom she goes on discovery and sees how beautiful autumn can be... From fine walking in a colored autumn forest, experiencing the shorter days to a wonderful moment at the end of the day when daddy bakes delicious pancakes.

In addition to the picture book `Autumn, this booklet contains creative (craft) activities to experience together with your child.

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