Autumn leaf - shell of self-hardening clay

This bowl, in the form of a real leaf, is simply homemade! It's such a superiority, I really have to share it before it's accidentally forgotten. Sharon made this autumn decoration last year and sent me these 2 pictures and the work description.

As a mold you take areally autumn leaf or pumpkin leaf. Or, of course, an art magazine, as long as it has veins. Because that's the best part about it, those real veins! A pack of self-hardening (at the air-drying) clay also does not cost much, so this shell can be made by and for everyone. Because who doesn't want such a decorative dish on the table? And that you can say that lightly: Oh, I just made that myself, you know! :)..


  1. Evenly roll out the self-hardening clay and lay a leaf on it, with the grain side down.
  2. Roll over it with the rolling pin and carefully cut it out. Note that if you cut out a stem, it stays thick enough, otherwise it will break.
  3. Carefully take off the leaf.
  4. To make a deep shell of it, it can be put on a balloon, with the grain side on the balloon.
  5. Or cover a deep bowl with household foil (for pasting) and put the leaf in it so that it gets the bulge.
  6. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.
  7. After drying, you can paint it with acrylic paint and then finish with varnish.

Created and submitted by Angela Hermens

This is also a fantastic idea, just put some fir branches into a picture of clay. Make a hole with cocktail stick before drying! Design:

Urban Comfort has also made wonderful things this way. Look here for inspiration!

Red Ted Art has nice colorful workpieces, also with clear explanations

One Project Closer/The Better Half made it together with the kids, and the bowls stained with metallic paint inspray form (e.g. from Edding or Amsterdam). Beautiful, right?

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Made by: Marina DIY

Made by The Artful Parent! With extensive explanations, click HERE

20/09/19:2 collage photos submitted by Martine Jackson

“This is really fun to do! Leaves of the trees lay on self-hardening clay and cut out all around. Give shape by laying in or over a dish and leave to dry overnight. After that, smooth the edges and unevenness. After all, beautiful painting! Super beautiful dishes made!

The leaf is also made of self-curing clay and pimpampooentje (ladybug) of a glass stone. Created and submitted byAnnemie of Remortel-Weemaes

Ideal for these projects with leaves is this soft, white modeling clay, which dries in the air and hardens naturally, without firing it in the oven.

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