If you follow me you know I spent the weekend doing gallons. It took a few hours and a lot of refrigeration but I'm done! It was a conference hosted by a women's organization in my church and the chairman of the food committee chose to give MY recipe to the 300 women in attendance! It's so fun !!! But I could not lie, and I was a little nervous. It has been a success though! We were very balanced with food so we had some left over even after people had eaten for a few seconds .

This Autumn Spice Pumpkin Soup soup tastes like pumpkin pie!

Well, this might be scary but ... I don't like pumpkin pie. You already know I'm not a big fan of pie, especially crust but I can't just eat the whole piece of pumpkin (I think the texture ... or the lack of it). Really, when my mom was going to do it on Thanksgiving I would eat a bowl of vanilla ice cream and mix it with lots of chocolate chips. That's what's missing! Maybe I'll put chocolate in a pumpkin pie! Oh hey, there are so many ideas ... good things come your way!

So…. if you want the taste of pumpkin pie and your house smells like you baked pie but you don't eat calories, make this soup! In fact, I should have just called you a pumpkin pie soup.

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Autumn recipe Pumpkin soup