Eten egels ook muizen?

's Nachts gaan ze op pad, de egeltjes. Daarom zie je ze zo weinig, wij mensen liggen dan te slapen. De egels slapen overdag, in een nestje gemaakt van mos, blaadjes en gras. Ze houden van een warm en zacht bedje, dat verstopt is op beschut plekje. Als het donker wordt, gaat hun maagje rammelen. Ze gaan dan op zoek naar iets lekkers te eten. 

Wat vindt dit nachtdier nu eigenlijk lekker? De egel is een carnivoor, dat wil zeggen dat hij vlees eet. Wormen, slakken en insecten eten ze heel veel. Met zijn neus wroet hij in de grond en met zijn pootjes graaft hij zijn prooi op. Hij eet in 1 nacht wel 40 naaktslakken of wormen!! Ze eten liever geen pissebedden, die vinden ze niet zo lekker. 

Ook jagen ze soms op hagedisjes, kikkertjes en adders. Zelfs muizen staan op hun menu, zo nu en dan! In het voorjaar eten ze ook eitjes uit nesten. In het najaar smikkelen ze vaak van het fruit van de struiken. Natuurlijk eten ze in de herfst ook heerlijke paddenstoelen. 

Ze drinken gewoon water uit slootjes, regenwater en uit vijvers. Maar let op, ze kunnen wel zwemmen, als ze erin vallen. Maar ze zwemmen niet voor hun plezier. En heel soms, is de rand van de vijver te hoog en kan de egel er niet uit klimmen! Dat is vreselijk, zo kan de egel verdrinken. Heb je een vijver, zorg dan altijd voor een plankje of trapje zodat de egel eruit kan klimmen!

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Gluing the puzzle
#puzzle #butterfly In a free writing, showed all the puzzle I made recently. This puzzle, however, is so beautiful that I didn't want to take it apart! I decided to start gluing it so I can hang it up. I'm going to show it from the beginning, so like my creative blogs. I start with the box and so I continue until the end result 😊 Let's go puzzle - I fell in love with this puzzle and wanted to order it. It is a puzzle with 1500 pieces, but the size of a puzzle with 1000 pieces. - First you start with the edges and up to that point it was not such a difficult puzzle. Because they are smaller pieces as normal, it turned out to be a 'horror' puzzle. - The colors are everywhere and you just hardly see where a piece belongs now. I had divided the colors into 5 bins, because I totally lost the overview. Here already quite far and luckily I got it off anyway. - To be able to glue a puzzle you need good puzzle glue. I used the glue from Collall and that is really a good glue, which is also quickly dry. - I put parchment paper under the puzzle, because I didn't want it to stick to my table of course. First 2 layers at the top and later 1 layer of glue on the back. - I wanted to stick it on a canvas canvas and of course there is not exactly the right size available. The puzzle is 48x68cm and this canvas is 50x70cm. I therefore first painted the outer edge with acrylic paint black. I didn't like white as a rim. With a regular hobby glue I smeared the canvas and put the puzzle there. Then turned over and pressed well on the canvas, so that the puzzle would sit well on. - And this is then the final result! He's gonna get a place in my hobby room and then I can enjoy it.. It shines more than without the glue, but that actually makes the colors come into its own even better. D e puzzle is for sale at Puzzelmania and the direct link to the puzzle is It is a really good quality puzzle and I see now that it is even discounted. So if you love challenges and like puzzling, then you should definitely order and make these 😉 By the way, I'm not sponsored by them, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to order it, hence the link shared. It is clear that I took all the pictures myself!
Watch me grow as a photographer
#PHOTOGRAPHY Watch me grow - enya mona Since I graduated from my photography education, I haven't really been involved in photography for various reasons. As a result, I haven't made blogs of my work for a while. But today I'm going to change that.! Although I don't have any new work, I'm going to take you in how I've grown as a photographer over the years I've been busy taking pictures. So let's go! WHERE IT STARTED - I started with flowers photographers. I thought this was totally awesome! I often went to the park in my neighbourhood on my own to capture the flowers during the nice weather. I was very proud of my photos then and I thought that I would always do something with nature or quiet life photography. - - - WORK IN PROGRESS - After a while, I got people in front of my lens. This was not my thing at first! I didn't really know how to get started and you can see that from the pictures of. - - - WHAT IT IS NOW - I finally found the love for fashion/portrait photography. Something I wouldn't see myself doing at first. Funny is that, how things can run. I am very proud of how I have grown as a photographer and that you can actually see this. - - - I started my training without any experience in photography. In my first year, I was just through and they had told me that they thought I would not make it to the 2nd year. What I do understand now since I was really not a good photographer back then. But I did not give up and proved to them that I could grow and I can. And that's what I did.! I have completed my education nicely and obtained my diploma. So never give up on your dreams.