Hoe houden pinguïns zich warm?

Ze leven op de Zuidpool, waar de temperatuur kan dalen tot -89 graden "C. De visetende dieren zoals de pinguïns, komen aan wal om te broeden. Maar hoe komt het, dat de pinguïns warm blijven? 

Foto: derdento

De pinguïns hebben een dubbele laag veren om zichzelf warm te houden. Onder die veren zit ook een hele dikke speklaag. Ze verliezen weinig warmte, dat komt door hun cilindervormig lichaam en.. hun kleine oortjes. Door die beschermende speklaag, de veren en hun bouw, kunnen de grootste pinguïns (de koningspinguins) de hele winter gewoon op het ijs blijven. Ze leven gezellig in grote groepen van soms wel 50000 vogels. 

Wist je, dat pinguïns geen nest maken, maar hun ei uitbroeden op hun poten? Het ei stoppen ze gewoon onder een huidplooi!

Vind jij het ook leuk om iets te vertellen over pinguïns? Of over andere dieren, planten, mensen of dingen? Of je gedachten hier te delen? Bij Yoors kan je (gratis) leuke artikeltjes schrijven, zonder gedoe. 

Meld je hieronder eenvoudig aan en post je eerste artikel!  (Eerst gewoon even rondkijken kan natuurlijk ook) 

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The Pinch
We are cycling, Jan likes to be on the pedals, my tongue is almost on the handlebar, not an ideal position. In the park is a short distance from the path, a work of art: a flathheye wooden structure in the shape of a clothespin. Jan never has an eye for art, I think it's funny, it looks like the pin is holding a mountain of grass and wants to take a closer look at it. But culturally barbarian Jan has no message to this. The underlying distance grows. “Hey, Jan, don't ride so fast! Take a look around you, enjoy nature!' Jan holds in for a moment, looks skitfully to the left. “I don't ride so hard for nothing. You see that giant pincher? Who stands for treachery. The ground is waving, the earth is moving, I'm telling you, something is not fluff!' 'That's just an art object.' “No, it doesn't look like art in the farthest distance. It's a giant pincher, you hear?? The Pinch of a Giant! And you see what it's on?' My heart is pounding, I have aroused his interest, now nonchalance feigning. “On a grassy shedding. What cares that?.' “Don't you feel the earth trembling? It's not an ordinary grass huvel, sure not!' “And, Jan, what do you think it would be??' “A disguised giant. He lies. He sleeps. restless. He sleeps onrustig. It would also make me restless when I lie under the sods of grass.' 'And the pincher who's definitely standing on his nose, 'I hear how ridiculous this sounds, his fantasy has taken a walk with him. “Hahaha, Jan, I think you've contracted a Danian contagion.' “Don't laugh! It is so. The pincher is on his nose.' “And then why?' “To stop the snoring, duh.' “And where do you get that wisdom from?' “Do you hear someone snoring?' 'No.' 'Well then! Facts don't lie. I'm telling you, we have to cycle fast before the giant wakes up.' “And why would the giant wake up?' “Everyone wakes up over time. Only in fairy tales sleeps a few hundred years.' 'There's no pin in there.. But wait, I want to take a picture of it first! You don't see a giant pincher every day.' 'I'll app to the other side of the park. There are also a few silly individuals watching, who can shoot a picture, we are also on.' 'Tight plan!' Jan sends the app and we continue our way. #shortstory  
#drawings This drawing is one of my favorites since it is capturing one of my favorite characters in the games of play 2 and 3 is it is Kratos also called the god of war in his games it is based on fighting against the gods and mythical creatures and it delivers My favorite is the 3 which is the one that I capture in the drawing