Baby Update of our kittens

Hi all,
We are now 1 week further and the #kittens are doing incredibly well.
The #oogjes are already open and they now weigh almost 300 grams.
They already like to play and so far just get the bottle every 2 hours because they are desperately needed.
In our family, they are already completely included. The dog watches over them as if they were their own babies.
And yes, we have our #maincoon cat still and they may also like to be in the bin with them until they start searching, then it will go out because he doesn't like that very much.
My little man loves me a very nice #wooden tray made that is nice and big for the kittens so that they also have a bit of space because after all, they get a bit bigger every time.

Because they now have their eyes open, they are now starting to wake up more and they like to be cuddled even more often.
Of course, they are still babies and they really need the necessary sleep.

It is very bad that it #motherlesskittens but I am very happy that they are doing so well.
Surely you build a very nice bond with them.
As soon as they hear my voice, their heads are already going high so you can see that they are already responding very well to me.

Although as far as I know that their hearing is not fully up and running, they are already responding quite well.

The teething is already coming through and the ears are already moving higher.

It is very special to do this in this way.

Am extremely proud of myself that I took them and gave them a life because if I didn't, they would have really died and you really shouldn't want that.

Below are a few pictures and you can also see that they are growing very well, of course

Lots of love @Rosita &Charlene-Blogs-Creations  

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