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Dear readers,

This will be a long spicy blog. Something you haven't seen from me before. In recent weeks, my own development is fast. I now feel like I'm releasing 10 layers at once.

I notice that I feel fear from the past, from when I was a child. It's coming up. It's very intense now and then. But now I just let the emotions flow. I cry, I dance, I scream and I discharge. That makes me feel lighter and lighter. I am also greatly supported by my Guides, Guardians & Deceased loved ones. It feels so good. I call that my spirit team. I feel like there's a whole group behind me now.. So warm and so light. I've got the air conditioning on here in my practice room, but it keeps feeling so incredibly warm.

As a child, I felt... what is this world hard and cold. People look angry on the street. They walk past you without saying anything. Kids at school are hard and bullying me. Because I'm different. Because I'm calm. I remember so well standing in front of my bedroom window. I think I was something of 6 or 7 years. I looked at the dark sky full of stars. I sighed and felt a warmth and lightness coming from the stars that flushed through me. How nice did that feel. And I thought... why can't I go there? There it is so warm and light....

At that age, I couldn't put it into words. I used to say something that I felt or got through, but I was said, “Did you get her back with that wisdom? . Where do you get that from? And then I got scared. I concluded that I was weird that I said that. And I was going to say less and less. I became so afraid of other people's judgment that I stopped.

But that's behind me now! I don't hold back anymore. I go through the fear and go!!
I feel the call of Mother Earth. Because of the virus, I'm more and more nice going out alone. And then I feel so well the connection with nature. With the trees, with the flowers. When I walk down a tree lane I feel the energy. The trees are connected to each other. Trees are so wie so great? They stand with their roots in the Earth and deliver oxygen to the air. Animals and humans live off the oxygen. So everything is connected!!!

Because of my sensitivity (also called HSP) I notice that the energy flows through when I'm on against a tree. My feet start tingling, I feel the energy going high, through my body and then through my heart, to my arms and hands. My hands are getting warmer and giving the energy of the earth to the tree. And then there's an energy going to walk the other way. I collect heavy energy that is still in my body and imagine that this heaviness goes through my hands to the tree. So I ask the tree: do you want to give this energy back to the Earth via your juice stream? And this is so fantastic to do. I can still feel my hands tingling for hours after. It's really great.

And I really don't want to miss this anymore!! So I'm incredibly angry that there are so many trees being cut down in my immediate neighborhood. . in our street is not a single tree. On the small piece of green what was left, houses were put down Beautiful houses, but the old poplars that stood there and that were beautiful high, were also removed immediately.. So again less oxygen in the area. And then over the forest where I regularly visit. There, too, everything is going on. A motorway is being built right through the area. Really ridiculous!!!! Don't we humans ever learn? The Earth is our source of life!!! Why are we polluting air and soil so much? So bad that the air isn't healthy anymore? That we all get complaints to our airways? And all that related diseases? Who can say he's perfectly healthy? Nobody!!!

The food we eat is not so pure and pure anymore! There are pesticides on the vegetables. In the meat there are all kinds of substances that are not good for you. Animals are often transported very far and come under stress in the slaughterhouse. The stress increases the adrenaline content in the blood and thus also in the meat. I notice since I eat less days of meat a week, that in the evening I have less stress and therefore sleep better.
So I call everyone!! People are waking up!! Do not look at the government for what rules you have to adhere to!! Think for yourself and see what you can do to become and stay healthy. Research what works for you!!!! And also find the people who are committed to help!!!

I've been guided by fear for a long time and I listened to those thoughts. But now I feel in my heart the call of Mother Earth. Mother Earth wants to change and grow. The people have been lovingly stopped and the physical earth has thus been given space to restore some. And that is to be noticed. Everything grows and blooms, the air is cleaner. When you look at it like that, there's so much beautiful! And this is how I see it. A blue planet where we can live with lots of people in peace and love. Anyone can do where his or her talents lie. And this creates a perfect harmony between man and nature.

I hope so much that we will not all be in the rat race again, but that we will look more consciously. Enjoy natureand stand up for it!

Are you in?

Anita & Spirits
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