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Band Name Blue - Blue October

Blue october

Two bands with the same name, but both completely different. One band is from Texas, the other from Essex, UK.


Blue October

Band Name Blue

Blue October is an alternative hard rock band from America, from the state of Texas. The band formed in 1995 in Houston and in 1998 they were discovered by Kid Rock's manager while playing at a cafe. Blue October moved to Texas. The band has made no less than 17 top 40 singles from eight albums. Two singles even went platinum and they are Hate Me and Into The Ocean.

The band consists of the following band members:

Justin Furstenfeld - singer/guitarist

Jeremy Furstenfeld - drummer

Ryan Delahoussaye - multi-instrumentalist

Matt Noveskey - bassist 

Will Knaak - lead guitarist

Justin and Ryan became friends in high school and started a band called Harvest. In 2022, the band plans to tour Europe. 
On March 19, 2022  they visit The Netherlands.
More information:

Released albums:

The Answers - 1998
Consent to Treatment - 2000
History for Sale - 2003
Argue with a Tree - 2004 ( live album )
Foiled - 2006
Teach Your Baby Well - 2007 ( live album )
Approaching Normal - 2009
Any Man in America - 2011
Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October - 2011 ( live album )
Sway - 2013
Things We Do At Night - 2015 ( live album )
Home - 2016
I Hope You're Happy - 2018
Live From Manchester - 2019 ( live album )
This Is What I Live For - 2020 

Blue October

Band Name Blue

Blue October formed in 1996 with Glen Wisbey and Barney Miller as founding members of the band. Barney Miller sadly passed away in 1998 shortly after the first album Incoming was released. Ross Carter became lead singer in 2001 but left the band in 2010.

The British band makes synthpop music and consists of the following band members:

Chris Beecham - lead vocals

Glen Wisbey - keyboards

Chris Taubert - keyboards

Nic Johnston - guitars

Bob Malkowski - drummer

This band is also active in music to this day.

Released albums:

Incoming - 1998

Preaching Lies to the Righteous - 2001

One Day Silver, One Day Gold - 2005

Walk Amongst The Living - 2008


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